8 Productive 'Blog Related' Things I Do When I Can't Sleep

While you're all snuggled up in bed dreaming of nice things, I'm often lying awake writing posts like this one. I didn't always have problems sleeping but over the last few years I tend to wake up on an hourly basis and sometimes I just cannot get back to sleep for love nor money. But rather than lie there worrying about the days events or counting sheep - seriously did that ever work?! - I make use of my insomnia by being as productive as possible.

I know, I know. You're gonna tell me that I'm not exactly helping myself. That any form of blue light emitted from electronics will keep my brain active and be bad for my health. Still, if I'm lying awake anyway then I'd rather get stuff done.

So what exactly do I get up to in the dark of the night?

1. Schedule Tweets

I love scheduling. It has been a life saver seeing as I work full time. I personally use Hootsuite and so far I can't fault it. It's absolutely spiffing! The odd time a tweet will fail but as it's a free app I'm hardly going to complain.

2. Catch Up 

I scroll through Bloglovin catching up on posts, bookmarking my '#SundayBlogShare' and '#MondayBlogs' favourites as I go. I tend to share any of my favourite reads on Twitter on a daily basis but on Sunday and Mondays I like to make use of the two hashtags mentioned as it helps to get my tweets noticed by more people.

3. Search For Blog Opportunities 

On Twitter I'll search for any tweets featuring the hashtag '#bloggersrequired and #bloggerswanted.' On Facebook I'm part of the UK Blogger Opportunities group but I also again search for posts with relevant hashtags.

4. Organise Images

As I don't always get chance to take my own photos I do still use Pexels for images as and when required. I find it easier if I've got some saved to my phone already so I know exactly which image will be used for which planned post.

5. Comment Spree

Commenting on other blogs is a surefire way to encourage other bloggers to check out your own. And quite often they'll leave comments in return which is always nice. I like to do a commenting spree at least once a week. Just make sure if you do this that you write authentic comments rather than just 'great post,' otherwise it'll come across like you can't be bothered or that you haven't actually read anything.

6. Write A Post 

I often write a full draft post so all I need to do is edit and publish it the following day. Bonus!

7. Jot Down New Ideas

Weirdly I get some of my best ideas in the middle of the night. And let me tell you, don't do as I used to do and plan to make a note in the morning because nine times out of ten the idea will be forgotten in the cold light of day. I could kick myself for this. Needless to say I now always make a quick note.

8. Network

By networking I mean I go through Instagram liking photos and commenting on any I really like. I do the same with tweets too. Fast forward a few hours and when I check my notifications I usually have a high response from people returning likes, follows and comments.

And that's about it. I do sleep sometimes honest! :)

Do you have problems sleeping through the night? What do you do while you're lying awake?

Until next time...  Justine xxx

Image via Pexels

Fun Bit *Choice of word 'Spiffing' used in this post as challenged by Peter of FinalCheck. Do you have a word you want me to feature in a future post? Please drop me a line and let me know! :)


  1. Really helpful! I'm always looking for actual productive things to do online during the night rather than just staring blankly at a non-changing screen. I've been looking for a way to schedule tweets but upon googling it, I was overwhelmed with countless options so I kinda gave up. Hootsuite will be next on my list! Thank you! I like the whole "give love to recieve love" notion that a lot of bloggers follow. It's so nice to support eachother. We're all doing the same thing, after all. xx

    1. Thank you Anne. I'm glad you found it helpful. I've heard Buffer is also good but I chose Hootsuite after it was recommended by a friend and I haven't looked back since. And yes I agree, it's definitely nice to support each other xxx

  2. My best ideas come to me when I'm lying there trying to "sleep"! I've found I can't sleep as well as I used to anymore! This was a really great post! :) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. Ditto. But if I don't write the ideas down you can guarantee by morning I'll have forgotten. Soooo frustrating! And thanks, glad you found it enjoyable xx

  3. This post is exactly what I need! A great reminder on keeping up on the hustle! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm always too scared to get my laptop, or phone out, when I can't sleep because of everything I've read about blue light being harmful to sleep! But I see your point, you might as well make use of your waking hours, even if you are meant to be sleeping. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. If there ever comes a day when they say blue light is detrimental to my health then I may reconsider lol. But until then, I'll enjoy being a bit of a night owl and make good use of the time. Can you believe I actually slept through a whole night yesterday?? I was in shock lol xx

  5. They are good ideas even if you find yourself with a spare few minutes in your day you can still do them, to make the most out of they minutes you do have spare or your waiting for a bus or train or just waiting for someone.

    1. Good point Stacey! Especially when it comes to scheduling tweets. I'll often get a bunch done in snatched moments xx

  6. I really need to get back into scheduling tweets! It's really beneficial but ever since I'm back from a long break I haven't done it, need to start again!


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