How To Keep Your Reader Interested: Writing Content Of Value

So far in my 'blogging tips' series we've looked at blogging when you're broke, blog post ideas and how to create a title that catches the readers eye. Today I'm going to delve into why your content should be of value and how to keep your reader interested.

Why does your content need to be of value? 

There's nothing worse than seeing an intriguing title or a fantastic header photo and then clicking the link to find you're bored just two sentences in. Sure some people might come back and read a future post, but chances are they'll never bother darkening the door of that blog again. It doesn't matter if you have the most gorgeous flat lays and layout, if the content is way off the mark then you're not going to captivate your readers and your blog won't be a success.

Your readers visit your blog for a reason. Get to know what your readers want or expect from your site and you'll be able to write with this in mind. It could be that they're looking for an answer to something or that they're simply reading for pleasure but a post should always bring something to the table. Whether it's answers, a life lesson, advice, motivation or inspiration, if it's of value to your reader then you'll stand more chance of them sticking around for more.

How can I ensure my content has value? How can I improve my posts?

First of all as mentioned above, get to know your target audience so you can cater to their needs. Knowing what your readers like goes an awfully long way so why not test the waters with a few different styles of posts? I had wanted to write a 'blogging tips' post for ages but wasn't sure how this would go down with my readers. Turns out that not only do I really enjoy writing them but they've also been really well received. Don't be afraid to try new things.

Be sure you make your point or achieve your end goal. Does your post answer the relevant question? Does it educate? Does it leave you feeling inspired? Whatever your goal, read and re-write until you're sure you've got it spot on.

Choose a topic that you feel passionate about. Chances are, if you find yourself feeling bored when you're writing, then it's going to reflect in your content. A writer who is passionate about a topic will usually derive pleasure from writing about it and thus this will shine through.

Finding your own style of writing is also hugely important. I've found that people like to relate to the writer behind the words so try to keep it real. For instance, I tend to write exactly how I speak to people, therefore I think (or rather hope) that my personality shines through. I don't use fancy elaborate sentences or pretend to be anything I'm not.

As someone who writes frequently (and believe me I'm no expert) I think no matter what you're working on, whether that be an article, blog post or novel, you should have a clear vision of what you want to say before you start.

Separate your post into segments. Have a beginning, middle and end. The beginning should introduce the reader to the topic and reveal what the post is about or it's aim. The middle should include the main body and by the end you should have made your point, leaving the reader feeling satisfied.

Other key points I try to remember when writing

I don't like blog posts that are too long unless there's a valid reason for this. Likewise too short and you may as well have just posted a tweet instead.

Keep on topic. Don't digress or waffle. People's minds wander at the best of times so cut out unnecessary words and sentences. Be sure you make your point.

Edit. This is so important. Read your work aloud so you can hear how it sounds. This is one of the best pieces of advice I was ever given. It's amazing how different an article sounds when it's spoken aloud opposed to being read in silence. I edit every post using this technique. If I'm tripping over sentences I go back and re-write.

Break a post up into paragraphs rather than having just one large block of text.

Use sub headings and keywords (if relevant) so your reader can see at a glance how you've broken up the post.

I'm not a professional writer so please take into account that all of the above is just my own opinion on what I've learnt since starting out but I hope that you find something useful.

Until next time...

Justine xxx

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  1. I really am loving your blogging advice posts hun!! :) x x

    1. Always my number one fan Aimee! Thanks hun xxx


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