Life Is Too Short To...

Life is short. How often do you hear that saying? If you're anything like me then it's on a frequent basis. Sometimes when I actually take a quiet moment to contemplate this, it kind of freaks me out. Life is speeding by so fast and I've so much that I've not yet done, so many things I'd change if I started over. Here are just a few of my rules to live by:

Life is too short to... Stay in  a job you hate.

Life is too short to... Worry about trivial things. Chances are if it's not going to be important in a few years then it's not worth fretting over now.

Life is too short to... Stay in a toxic relationship. You know the one. That fuckboy you keep lying to yourself about?! - Ditch him. Trust me when I say you deserve better.

Life is too short to... Keep up with friendships that drain you or leave you feeling negative.

Life is too short to... Hold grudges. It'll only make you bitter in the long run.

Life is too short to... Turn down little luxuries. Have that slice of cheesecake. Enjoy that glass of wine. Life takes it's toll as it is. We all need our little pleasures to keep us sane. Everything in moderation I say!

Life is too short to... Not take chances. Grab every opportunity with both hands.

Life is too short to... Not tell someone you love them. You never know when it's too late.

Life is too short to... Procrastinate. Get it done today. (Whatever that might be.)

Add your own rules to the list as you wish or see fit but most of all, live for the moment and appreciate every day as if it could be your last.

Lots of love Justine xxx

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  1. Love this and completely agree with all of them! It's so important to do the things that make you happy and not waste time on things that pull you down. Holly x |

  2. This is lovely! You are so right about all of these things, especially the one about friendships. I see so many people maintain friendships with people because they've been "friends forever" and it just saps your energy and isn't worth it. I really wish the first was was as easy though, I love my job but I also physically struggle to do it everyday which makes me hate it a little, but sadly with the state of our disability benefits system in this country I can't afford to leave :-( - AJ xx

    1. I completely relate hun but for different reasons. I'm too scared to move jobs while I have my debt management plan in place. Maybe in a few years. I'd like to do something that isn't as stressful because it's really effecting my mental health xx

  3. Love this post, hun. You're so right, life is too short. It scares me when I really think about it. Gotta do you, and do what makes you happy, while you can! x x

  4. I loved this post! I do agree that life isway too short. There are so many things I want to do but if I spend time worrying about what I am doing now or what other people think I will never get around to doing them.

    Kirsty Leanne xx

    1. I spend too much time overthinking and worrying. Wish I didn't but it's an inbuilt part of me I suppose. I'm trying to learn mindfulness xx


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