Blogging Tips: How To Become A Millionaire

My 10 year old nephew is under some illusion that one day I will be wealthy, (does he know something I don't?) and that when I am, I've to buy him a Ferrari and have it spray painted blue. (?!)
I have since explained to him that they do come in more than one colour! Got to love his unwavering faith in me.

Before I continue I should confess. This post has nothing to do with getting rich or becoming a millionaire, but if you're reading this than I'll have proved a valid point. You clicked this blog link right? Of course you did! Because I used a title deliberately to hook you and draw you in. Which brings me to what today's post is actually all about. How to use a title to your advantage. 

I chose to use a title using the word millionaire because plenty of people dream of getting rich, of having financial freedom, of being successful and yet few know how to achieve this. Therefore by tapping into those desires and hinting at an answer, I hoped people would read this post out of pure curiosity. See what I did there? My point being, if you use your titles in the right way, you'll stand more chance of increasing blog traffic.

So I lured you here under false pretences. If you came here today really expecting advice on how to become a millionaire then apologies, no can do. Though I would imagine anything is possible with enough sheer graft and determination.

People read blogs for usually one of a few reasons. They either just love reading every blog post possible or they're looking for advice or an answer. A blog post should usually make a point, offer a solution, answer a question or be of value to the reader. The title should hint at the content without giving away too much otherwise people won't be curious enough to delve deeper and click that all important link.

Sure when you're established, people will probably read your blog posts no matter what you write about. I read posts from some of my favourite bloggers regardless of the title and content, but when I'm on the lookout for new blogs to read, they usually have to gain my attention with either fantastic photography or an intriguing title.

It's a minefield out there as it is, you need to help sell yourself and make your blog stand out if your goal is to be a successful blogger. You've got to give people a reason to want to visit your website.

Here are just a few examples of titles and how you could improve them with a play on words...

'My Favourite Makeup' or 'How To Achieve A Flawless Look'

'Monthly Stats And Income' or 'How I Made £100 Last Month'

'Life After *Insert name' or 'How To Get Over A Breakup'

'Blogging Ideas' or '20 Blog Post Ideas For You To Use'

Although some people will be curious enough to read the first post, three times as many will probably be skimming through Bloglovin looking for decent makeup and/or makeup tips on how to achieve a flawless looking face.

Some people might genuinely read posts on stats and income but I for one would be more inclined to see how I too could make £100. Money and sex sell. It's a well known fact.

A personal post is always nice to read but if you can offer your readers advice on how to get over heartbreak whilst sharing your story then you're onto a winner. Don't we all go through heartache? It's something we can all relate to at some point or another. All the more reason to share your tips on how to get through that horrible 'post relationship' phase.

You might recognise the last example. Although there is nothing wrong with the title 'Blogging Ideas,' the second one promises twenty examples that your readers can actually use. It's just about really selling your content.

I'm getting better (or so I hope) but it's as much a learning curve for me as it is for you so it should be noted that I am not an expert by any means. Anything I share is just my own take on blogging from lessons learned and experience. Hope this post is helpful or at least gets you thinking.

Until next time... Justine xxx

P.s So far in my 'Blogging Tips' series we've looked at blogging when you're hard up, and I've shared some blog post ideas along with some tips on how to generate your own. If you've missed out then don't worry. You can catch up by clicking on either link below.

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  1. Great post hun, certainly drew me in with the title! Haha. I really need to work on my titles - I find them the hardest part of the blog post process to be honest!! x x

    1. Thanks hun. It is hard, I'm always trying to work on bettering my blog (content, titles, photos etc) but it's all been a learning curve and is still very much a work in progress xxx

  2. This is great. So true about the title!!


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