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Hello all! And hello August! There's a lot I love about this month. I'm about to take my two weeks annual leave AND it's my birthday coming up! This always gets me excited no matter how old I get. I'm hoping to get to the Lake District for a bit because I find it so peaceful. The header photo above was actually taken in Windermere on a - typically British - rainy day. No doubt I'll be packing my brolly for any day trips out!

As we spring into a new month, I also have two new lovelies who have joined my sidebar!
Say a huge hello to Sarah and Siobhan! I do hope you'll take a few moments to check out their individual blogs and links. I'm sure they'd love your support. That's all from me for now, I'm going to hand over to the girls and let them introduce themselves... Justine xxx

P.s If you missed the July 'Meet My Advertisers' post, you can still check out the fab four further down. Happy reading!

Hey! I'm Sarah from Glasgow and over at 'Things Sarah Loves.'
I blog about literally everything that I love, (tea, food, books, beauty, crafts and my odd obsession with crime documentaries.)
I also share my transplant journey in hope to help others and promote cornea donation.
Love chatting so pop over and say hello! If you're a fellow history geek, we'll get along swimmingly!

My name is Siobhan. I'm a 27 year old office worker from Leeds.
I love all things homeware related, candles, beauty products, makeup, psychology and trends. Whatever the current trend is, I'll give it a go! (Albeit, badly sometimes! But hey, that's the fun of it right?)
I love apple and elderflower juice, sitting down with a nice cup of tea, and declaring my love for things on a daily basis.
I created the brand, 'A Handful Of Sparkle' in April 2015. From the start I wanted my blog to be an extension of my personality. For it to be a place where people could read posts that could have been written by a friend. and to laugh at the awkwardness of me trying to be cool and amusing!!
Anything I'm loving at the time, I will blog about! My blog combines my love of candles, stationery and music, with beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, shopping hauls and cooking.
You can generally find me on Twitter complaining about my lack of human ability on a day to day basis due to shift work and tiredness, spamming your feed with emojis (because, emojis ftw!) and trying to be cool (see previous ftw comment!)

Thanks girls! As I mentioned in my intro, I did a feature on the fab four (below) when they started advertising with me in July. They've decided to stay on with me which I'm super happy about. You can read more about them by clicking this link here or alternatively just click the links under each image.
Katie blogs over at Kaleidoscope peonies

Rebecca blogs over at Pocahontas Jane

Aimee blogs over at AimeeRaindropWrites

You can read all about author Andrew Males at

*All photos except header taken from relevant websites/blogs. Copyright not my own

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