Organised Chaos: Spring Cleaning My Life

For whatever reason I'm in a decidedly minimalistic mood at the moment. I've collected things (*coughs and mutters under breath... hoarded) for years and although most people only see the organised side of me, the majority of my life and surrounding environment is more like 'organised chaos!' So I made a decision sometime last week to start spring cleaning my life!

My work area now looks like someone else has been in and taken over, because for the first time in a VERY long while, everything is in it's rightful place or has been given a home. Gone are my post it notes with reminders, instead I'm using a notebook! I can go off happily on my annual leave and relax in the knowledge that my colleagues will be able to find their way around my work station.

Next on the agenda is my room! You could call that 'creative chaos.' And it's going to take a lot longer to sort but I've made a start.

The whole process has been rather motivating. I never much believed in that 'tidy environment, tidy mind' malarky. But I must say I feel much better for doing this, because it's made me realize I need to organize the goals in my life too. I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow. I write endless lists of tasks and never make it half way through. I talk about all the things I want to do yet somehow never achieve any.

It goes without saying that if you have too much going on in your brain, too many goals, it's inevitable that things will slip by the wayside and nothing will ever get done. I'm guilty of this which is probably why my novel isn't complete yet. I always think I'll do it tomorrow. But how many tomorrows will there be before it's too late?

From now on I'm going to be a little more realistic. I'm choosing to focus on one task at a time. At least then I might make some progress. Over the next few weeks my only goal is to work on my novel. Everything else will have to wait. For now at any rate...

Happy weekend everyone! Until next time...

Justine xxx


  1. Good luck Hun! I definitely believe a tidy house is a tidy mind! x x

  2. A clean work space totally works. *she says surrounded by 'stuff'*
    I read Marie Kondo's book about de-cluttering last year and I've slowly gone through my house.
    My office became a dumping ground recently so that's on my list next.
    I need to stop with the post it notes too and pick one notebook for to do's.
    Good luck with your Spring/Autumn cleaning. :) | geek lifestyle

  3. Ha ha you sound just like me hun!! I'm always surrounded by 'important' stuff i.e. Notebooks, inspirational pieces, post its... 😂 Xx


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