Event Review : Rise - Women's Ministry Tea Party

I have a confession. Until Saturday, I had never been to a tea party before. So when my friend Abi suggested I come along to this one, in all honesty I didn't quite know what to expect other than the obvious... Cakes and tea.

Held in the local Fulwood Free Methodist Church, I was surprised to find there wasn't a pew in sight. In their place were beautifully decorated tables, each featuring pretty bone china tea sets. A live band was tucked away in the corner providing us with the perfect atmospheric background. And someone had even taken the trouble to hand write Psalms on all our November 'save the dates!' So far I was very impressed.

With a constant supply of tea, sandwiches and cake, I was in my element. It was hard not to overindulge surrounded by such goodies!

Sarah Parker was the guest speaker, newly wed, minister AND tiler! She gave a motivating and inspirational speech based around her favourite Psalm. For those of you who don't know, Psalm 23 begins with 'The Lord is my shepherd...' Ironically Sarah grew up on a farm in Lancaster. Get it? Sheep/Shepherd?! I'll shut up now... ;)

In the latter half of the afternoon our 'waiters' - several lovely male volunteers, paraded the church wearing what I like to call mish-mash masks. Basically three female celebrity faces all rolled into one. The aim of the game was to correctly name all of them and yes there was a prize for the winning table. I have a lovely candle and some Thorntons chocolates sat next to me as proof! :)

Probably the stand out point of the whole afternoon, was just how lovely everybody was. Even though I went along only knowing Abi, I left feeling like I had made several new friends. Needless to say, if you ever get the chance to go along to one of these events then definitely do!

You can find out more about Rise - Women's Ministry by visiting their Facebook/Twitter page (both links below) or by emailing rise@fulwoodfmc.net

Hope you've all had a pleasant start to the week. Until next time...

Justine xxx



*All images my own except for header photo which was taken from the Rise-Women's Ministry Facebook page. Sorry for the blurry ones. Seriously need to remember to take my camera next time. These were taken on my phone.

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