Calling all bookworms, booknerds and bookdragons! You're going to love this post! Firstly I should say happy Wednesday. Two more get ups until weekend! As you may have guessed, this week the spotlight is on...


When I initially set out doing these 'Instagram Favourites' posts I expected to stick at them for only a week or two. Now they've become one of my favourite posts to put together. Of course it helps that I've had some lovely feedback from GGD readers. Glad I'm keeping you lovelies happy! 
I got a little over excited for this particular hashtag. I wanted to feature every single book that I came across but that would have been near impossible. I hope I've picked a good mix for my final selection. There are several on here I've read and several still on my 'TBR' list. I do love a good recommendation so feel free to stop by and share your favourite reads! 

As usual, the Instagram handles are listed below the images. I say this EVERY week and feel like a broken record... :) But please do check out each IG account for more gorgeous photos and indeed more book recommendations.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love Justine xxx

the.literary.omnivore * booksandjasmine * belumas * justcitoboutique

aurorbooks * epic_fiction * allylowe99 * taylors_adventures

comewithpia * ashwells71 * isabellasnb * bekkareads

faye.perry * karolyneoliveira * tsundokustories * mikalietzen

mumoo02 * marinesbooks * rachel_fusion * artikart

hanne.xx * jfondelier * books.upon.a.time * takenbyanufo

rapunzelsbooks * tlh_joshua * yuihoriana * anrigabooks

emmalovesbooks * boredmommy * piercebrownofficial * christina2227

aurorbooks * msvcharles * aurorbooks * learyness

brieflycrazyteenagers * lindalovesbooks * bookthirsty * live_audaciously

kates2091 * thereadingrebels * claudiafagadar * pardonmywritings

ritchiedana * feedi_mo * destielherondale * _frankiesayrelax

*Photos edited using basic PhotoCollage.

*If I've used an image that you own copyright on and you would like it removed please just ask.


  1. This post has given me some great ideas for last minute presents, thanks!!x

    1. Just seen your comment. Glad to hear it. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx


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