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Well hello again my lovely people! Have you all had a fabulous weekend? Sorry for the delay in uploading this. I ended up spending the afternoon with two of my nephews and what fun we had! One thing I'd always wanted to have a bash at was carving pumpkins! I can now say I have officially tried it! 

Ok, so I have to say my attempt probably looks way cuter than a Halloween pumpkin should, but in my defence I was helping out my four year old nephew... :) But check out Nathan's! I think his 'vampire' pumpkin is awesome. Not bad for a nine year old!

As is the norm for my Sunday post, I have collected a few of my favourite blog reads from over the last week. Kayleigh over at VeryBerryCosmo celebrated her first blog birthday yesterday! Sending huge congratulations her way! But my personal favourite read of the week has to be Heidi Swain's... 'My Writing Life with Emma Davies.' To read either of these two posts or indeed any of the others, just click on the relevant images below. Enjoy and may this week bring with it many good things for you all! 

Justine xxx

 'VeryBerryCosmo's 1st Birthday'

by VeryBerryCosmo


'Introduction To Seventeen Cosmetics'

by Hanna Talks


'When The Left Hand Doesn't Know What The Right Is Doing'

by Forever Amber


 'Fall Daily: How I Use Fashion To Get Over Heartbreak'

by Maya Horikawa


 'Review: After You by Jojo Moyes'

by Fabulous Book Fiend


'4 Bases For 3 Skin Concerns'

by From Roses


 'Autumn Home Comforts/Gift Ideas'

by Phases Of Robyn


 'Autumn Nail Polish Collection'

by Ninz Beauty

 'Tanya Burr Makeup Haul'

by Katie Elizabeth Meehan


'Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA Review'

 by Coffee Makes Everything Better


 'Collection Brow Kits'

by Pixiwoo.com


'My Writing Life with... Emma Davies'

by  Heidi Swain


 'YouTube Videos You Need To See'

by Underland To Wonderland

*All photos taken from relevant blogs. Copyright not my own.

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