What Are The Key Milestones In Toddler Development?*

*This is a collaborative post*

As parents it’s important to help children with their toddler development. There are many key moments to be aware of in a child’s growth, that this nursery in Holland Park shares with us.

Mastering walking

The big thing all parents notice is when their child has progressed from crawling to walking and finally mastering that without needing to cling onto things or hold your hand. It’s a great moment to witness as parents as well, as it’s often a sign your child is getting a real grasp of their gross motor skills.

Beginning to pedal their tricycle

A tricycle is often the first step children will take when they’re progressing to get onto their bike. It’s a good place for children to feel comfortable on wheels, and it will give your child a lot of confidence when it comes to heading out on two wheels, or with stabilisers. It is often the first time your child will get to feel a sense of adventure, or look into other activities and passions.

Being able to feed themselves

This is often something you will see as your child gradually grows - the ability that your child can feed themselves without your direct input. Foods should still be soft, but your child should be able to communicate with you what they would like to eat and what they don’t like. It’s also an opportunity for your child to try new things. There are going to be a lot of things your child isn’t going to enjoy right now, but they may well love later on in life.

Seeing your child grow is a wonderful experience. It’s a good time to see where your child is developing, but also where you can offer support for their future development. These will always change, and 3 years (1 - 3 being the age bracket for toddlers) is a big difference in growth.

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