The Importance of History Lessons in Schools*

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History lessons are a good way of developing their understanding of the wider world, in turn with building an understanding of past achievements, struggles and even technological developments. Here are some reasons why history lessons are important in schools.

Shows your child how far we have come

From the introduction of divorce by Henry VIII to the changes that occurred during the World Wars, there are a lot of things that children will learn about at a young age. These give your child a lot to think about, and it gives context to a lot of reasons why things are the way they are and what we have learnt from them in the past. Having that knowledge can form the basis of a lot of debates and discussions.

Gives your child a greater awareness of different cultures

Culture plays a big part in what your child learns and how they have impacted the world we live in right now. Religion is also a big factor in many of these changes in history, which gives your child a greater understanding of what would have been classed as a serious issue in the past. While many changes have happened since then it’s good to get a bigger awareness of how things would have been a lot different.

Teaches your child how to analyse different concepts

In history there have been a lot of developments that have changed a lot of what we experience now. The rise of big businesses and propaganda are huge elements we will see in history lessons, especially as your child grows older. It’s a good time for your child to analyse a lot of concepts that can, at first, feel complicated, but are great for essay writing, discussions and more.

History lessons are seen as important for a lot of reasons, and these can greatly help your child with their awareness of new concepts, debates and ideas from the past. They’re also fun, interesting and intriguing for kids.

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