Try To Avoid Wedding Cost-Cutting In These 3 Areas


There’s no right or wrong way to have a wedding, providing the happy couple are able to commit to their vows, and can celebrate their union. It might just be that you and your utterly humble partner head to the registry office, register the marriage, and go to enjoy your honeymoon immediately.

It might be that you wish for a unique venue, or to dress outside of tradition, or to invite only a couple of people to the big event. All of that is wonderful if it suits you. Of course, some wedding changes you may wish to make because they’re cheaper, as we all know weddings can be tremendously expensive affairs and that in itself can be tiring to deal with.

However, no matter how stripped back you wish the event to be, we’d recommend that you avoid cost-cutting in the following areas. Sometimes, value is found in knowing what to spend on. With that in mind, please consider:

Never Skimp on a Good Photographer

A skilled wedding photographer is worth the investment because these photographic mementos will serve as a lasting reminder of your special day. A talented photographer will be able to document your wedding's special moments and feelings in a way that expresses your relationship and event in the best way. It’s more than just taking pictures of the event, but knowing how to photograph you. 

They will be able to deal with any unforeseen difficulties or hurdles that may appear throughout the event more easily than someone you enlist from your family, who may not be as experienced. While it may be tempting to hire a less expensive or inexperienced photographer in order to save money, it's crucial to weigh the benefits of having high-quality pictures that you can look back on and treasure for years to come. Moreover, having more than one person covering the event, or multiple areas, can help you ensure you’ll never miss a thing.

Always Plan For Good Catering

Every wedding needs food and drink, so it's worth spending money on high-quality selections that you and your guests will love. While it could be tempting to save money by selecting less expensive or inferior solutions, doing so can leave your visitors unsatisfied and cause them to complain. Of course, you might choose not to host a reception afterwards, this is up to you, but if you hope to invite people it’s good to have at least some refreshments there.

A talented caterer or chef will be able to make mouthwatering delicacies that complement the theme and aesthetic of your wedding while also being aesthetically pleasing - making this into a wonderful event. 

The Appropriate Venue

The success of your wedding can be significantly impacted by the choice of your wedding venue. While it could be tempting to choose a less expensive or desirable venue in order to save money, it's crucial to think about the value and implications of your decision over the long term. For instance, if your event isn’t accessible thanks to poor planning, then it might be harder for your elderly relatives to attend.

A suitable location will offer the room and amenities you need for your wedding and can also help create the mood and environment. Moreover, you will be able to ensure the event is private, rather than hosting it in amongst the public trying to use facilities too.

With this advice, you’re sure to avoid cost-cutting in the most essential business areas. 



*Contributed by Sam Jones. Photo Pexels - CC0 License

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