How to Decide On a Fulfilling Career Change


If you’re anything like the many university graduates across the UK (and out of the UK, too), likely, you are not in a career that has anything to do with your degree. Many people graduated and found a job out of necessity but as the years went by and they became comfortable, they figured that this was the career they were destined to have. 

Yet this isn’t always - and should not be - the case. Considering work is an essential part of life, you may as well do something you enjoy. There’s no point in toiling away in a job you despise just to survive, so how about figuring out how to make a fulfilling career change to finally enjoy waking up for work? 

Think About What You’d Change Now 

If you look at your current career, you can get an idea of what you enjoy, but more importantly, what you’d change about it now. Outlining the pros and the cons can help you discover what you are looking for from a new career, making it easier to determine what next step is best for you. If you’re looking for more responsibility, working as a carer could be the answer. If you want increased independence, a freelance career may be an exciting opportunity. 

Look At Your Options 

There are various options for new careers, even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field. For many areas, an interest or passion for the subject or topics can help you succeed in your new job, and this can also help you narrow down the available careers. 

If you want to inspire the next generation, there are plenty of teaching jobs for you to consider. However, you will need to complete training to make you a viable candidate for classroom roles. However, many people get into teaching later in life, so you will not be alone if you feel like you’re too old to retrain as a teacher. 

Consider The Amount Of Time 

Unless you’re looking for an easy but fulfilling career change, you will need to dedicate a substantial amount of time to your new job. This can involve research, practice, and training while attending interviews and seminars can also take up lots of time. Since you are dedicated to making a positive career change, you should be happy to do all of this, but you also need to consider how it will impact your family. Your partner, family, or friends may be happy to help you with responsibilities and household demands so that you aren’t juggling too much. 

Speak to Others In the Field

Even if you have a dream career in mind, it always helps to get the opinion of those who work in the industry. If you have any friends or relatives in these fields, you can ask them for advice or suggestions. They may tell you it is not the right time, or they could be grateful that you want to get involved, especially with many industries crying out for new workers. If you don’t have friends or family in the field, there should be some online communities where you can get an idea of the state of the industry.

Try Volunteering

You can also get some real-life experience by offering to volunteer at an organisation. Many charities or non-profits will welcome an extra set of hands, and it also gives you the chance to see what an average day is like. If you want to work with animals, volunteering at an animal hospital could be an excellent idea and it lets you see what happens so you are not met with any uncomfortable scenarios on your first day. You can volunteer a few times a week while studying, and you may get a job out of it when you are finished. 

Take Classes and Courses 

You can rarely waltz into any environment and be handed a job on the spot. If you want to succeed in your new career, it pays to know as much as possible and be prepared. Local schools and online university courses are two options that can work around your already-busy schedule. 


If you feel like your job isn’t going anywhere or you are financially stable enough to take a risk and do something you love, a fulfilling career change could be the answer. With so many options available, you will finally look forward to going to work because you’ll know that you’re making a difference no matter what you do.


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