How To Choose Between A New And Used Car In 2023



Shopping for a car with very little experience can be a minefield. There are so many different cars out there and if there’s no experience in buying a car before, how does one expect to pick the right fit for their needs?

There are many differences between buying used and new. Which one is best suited to the needs of the person in question? What should you be looking for? If a car purchase is on the cards for 2023, here are a few ways to help make a decision between a new and a used car.

How much cash do you have for a deposit?

Not everyone has a bottomless pit of money to use. That means the deposit available for one person, may vary greatly for another.

Consider how much deposit is available and what options that give you when it comes to spending money on a car. It may price some out of the premium cars, whereas for others, it may give more options to pick from.

Assess the amount of the deposit available and whittle down the available cars from there.

Consider what car brands are favoured the most

What brands do you love the most when it comes to makes and models? Some car shoppers aren’t really fussed about what they own. For many, it’s simply a case of getting from A to B in good time. For others, it can very important to pick from a specific brand. 

Whether that’s a Tesla, a BMW or Ford, there are lots of car manufacturers popping up nowadays beyond the traditional brands. Try to pick out the car brands that are favoured so that it makes for an easier decision.

Think about additional running costs

There are plenty of additional costs to factor in when buying a car. Road tax, insurance costs and fuel that needs to be spent on a weekly basis. All of which can influence the choice of car someone goes for.

Make sure that when you’re shopping for a car, you add on the general costs that come with the car after purchasing it this may help to decide whether the car is financially affordable or not.

Differences in depreciation

With used car dealers that offer used cars, it’s important to remember that they have had the majority of their depreciation. For brand new cars, anyone that’s a first-time owner is likely going to miss out the most when it comes to getting value in the car and their investment back.

Remember that the older the car, the more depreciation has been taken off. It’s therefore worthwhile to opt for cars that are one, two or three years old.

Choosing between a new car and a used one is something that is down to the personal preference of the buyer. Some may prefer a new car for a fuss-free drive in the first few years. Others may need a used car for the cost-efficiency it provides. Whatever it is you go for, be sure to do your research carefully. 


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