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Most people don't like the threat of a lawsuit. The prospect of a drawn out litigation in a courtroom, the paperwork involved, the idea that they're going to have to contact a lawyer of their own to protect themselves against some kind of story, all of these things are difficult to deal with. Running a business, getting through your daily routines and then being served with paperwork to tell you have been summoned in front of a judge is scary! 

Most people have never been involved in a lawsuit and have never even had to call a solicitors office before. Seeing your name or the name of your business in the caption of paperwork followed by the word defendant can feel unsettling. The good news is that there are things that you can do to prepare yourself. Here are some things that you need to know about being sued.

  • You need to take this seriously. It doesn't matter how ridiculous you think it may be, a lawsuit should never just be brushed to one side. Failing to file an answer to the allegations that are in the lawsuit can end up in a judgement against you and that will put you on the back foot. If you haven't got a solicitor to call you yet, keep calling around until you find a good one. The lawsuit is not going to go away, so don't bury your head in the sand and ignore it.


  • You are in a timer. From the moment you receive the paperwork to tell you that you have been sued, you are on a timer. You are going to need to respond to the allegations in a timely manner or you're going to end up with even more fines or issues on your back. Getting angry and throwing the papers into a fire question mark that's not going to help you. There are some areas that have a time limit to submit an answer so you need to read the paper work properly so that you know how long you have.


  • It's not a smart idea to represent yourself. You might think you can do this without a lawyer, and maybe in another life you could have. But this is not another life, this is now. That means that you need to know who the best solicitors are to help you, and where to ask for additional help if you need it. Choosing a lawyer is not easy, but they're the ones that know the defences allowed under the law and the procedures in which should be followed so that you avoid any issues or errors. Avoiding errors is an absolute must if you want this lawsuit to go without a hitch.


  • Pick the right lawyer. Once you know what's happening, you need to choose the right person and ensure that they are able to take your case. That may mean shopping around and that may mean asking questions to see who can help you and who can't. Doing your research is a must hear so that you get the right person on your side during this time.


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