Top Tips for Dealing with Back to School Blues*


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After 6 long weeks away, it can be hard for children to transition back to school. Their habits may have changed and will need to get used to waking up bright and early for school in the morning. To make this as smooth of a transition as possible and help your child settle in, here are some tips from a private school in Cambridge.  


Set the Alarms

If things have gone a miss since they waved goodbye to their school gates in July, it’s not too late to put them right. Starting sooner rather than later will make sure that they have enough time to adjust their sleep routines and that they are not sleep deprived on their first day back. This should be something that you do 2 weeks before school starts.


Maintain Routine 

At school, children have a set routine. When they break up, there’s not very much that they can get up to. Work is limited to what you choose to do with them and their homework. To help them stay in the swing of things and keep their brains active, you can set them regular learning tasks throughout their holidays. Even if that’s one a day, it’s something to keep their brain stimulated. Many ready-made lesson plans are available that you can take inspiration from.


Build Their Excitement

Positive reinforcement can make your child excited about going back to school. You can talk to them about how much they will have to look forward to this academic year and the friends that they will be able to see again. It’s all about frame of mind and you can help to change that.


Talk to Them

If you suspect that your child is going through the back-to-school blues, try talking to them. You will be able to gauge whether there’s an underlying reason as to why they are reluctant to go back and be able to help. 



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