Teaching Your Child to Manage their Emotions*


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Things can happen in life that are difficult to deal with. Your child will at some point deal with feelings of sadness, jealousy, frustration and many more. It's important that they know how to handle these emotions and there are many techniques that they can use to do this such as mindfulness. Here’s some guidance from a private school in Surrey on how you can teach your child to manage their emotions.



Mindfulness involves being aware of your surroundings. It engages all 5 senses, helping to “ground” your thoughts. Those that practise mindfulness see lots of benefits such as increased clarity and focus and reduced anxiety. It is, however, something that your child will need to work on for a little while before seeing any noticeable improvements. This will need to be down both when relaxed and when overwhelmed by a particular emotion.



Counting Candles

One that you can practice with younger children is candle counting. They will need to pretend that their fingers are candles and blow each until they are extinguished. As they do, they will begin to forget about what was bothering them.


Mindful Walking

There’s something about being outdoors that makes us feel calmer. There are lots of things that we can divert our attention towards like birds, plants, and animals. When out on your walk, encourage your child to think of each using their five senses.



Practising gratitude can also make us feel happier and more content. Studies have shown that children are more inclined to do well at school because of the strong bonds that they have with those around them. This is something that you can implement into your child’s routine with a journal. It will give them a place to document their day and everything that that they have to be grateful for. 




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