Easy Afternoon Tea Recipes


When I think of afternoon tea I always get very nostalgic. Once upon a time I would enjoy many an afternoon tea with my late nanna, and to this day if I find myself sat nibbling on a cucumber or smoked salmon sandwich, I can't help but think fondly of all our wonderful memories. Conversations shared over a pot of steaming hot tea, sandwiches and sweet treats, as we put the world to rights. 
There's something quintessentially british about afternoon tea don't you think? So much so in fact, that many Jubilee parties indeed had tea parties as their theme. The tradition of afternoon tea actually began way back in the 1840's but it's still just as popular today.
In this post I'm going to share a couple of ideas which you can incorporate into your very own afternoon tea if you wish. The main ingredient that you'll need for the two recipes is Hovis crumpets. I am a huge crumpet fan, whether topped with lashings of butter, marmite or melted cheese, Hovis Crumpets have always been one of my favourite go-to snacks and are perfect for afternoon tea. My three year old loves them just as much as me so they are always a staple item in our bread bin. 

Recipe 1 
Strawberries and Cream Crumpets

You'll need;
  • Hovis Crumpets
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Freshly whipped cream
These crumpets should be served cold but if like me you find the texture a bit rubbery when uncooked, heat them very gently until the outside is a bit crispy and then let them cool down for five minutes before topping them.
Get as creative as you like! Top your crumpets with lashings of jam, cream and strawberries, or if you prefer then just cream and strawberries. Serve with chilled prosecco.

Recipe 2
Breakfast Stack Crumpets
You'll need;
  • Hovis Crumpets 
  • Cheese slice, melted onto the crumpet 
  • Hash brown 
  • Sausage patty (or veggie alternative) 
  • Egg 
  • Salt and pepper to season

Although these are 'breakfast' stack crumpets, they can indeed be enjoyed at any time of the day, in fact I want one of these now! Simply toast or grill your crumpet lightly before adding a slice of cheese. Let this melt under a grill before then adding your cooked sausage patty, hash brown and fried egg. Use salt and pepper to season if you wish and a sauce of your choice, Ketchup or brown sauce both work well. Wash them down with a good old cup of tea!

Voila, there you have it, two delicious afternoon tea suggestions. Enjoy!

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