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When it comes to making your home light, airy, and cosy there are many things you can do to create this. From adding furniture to changing the lighting let’s take a look at five things you can do to improve your home. 

Coat Of Paint

First off a simple coat of paint can really make any home feel brand new. Over time it is not uncommon for the walls to become dirty and grimy, especially if they are a light colour. If you want to add some life then think about creating a feature wall within your home. This is a wall that is different from all the others in the room. You can create a feature wall with paint or wallpaper, whichever you prefer. A feature wall especially if it has a mirror on it can make any room seem larger than it is. 


If your home is feeling a bit sad and run down then there could be a very good reason for this. It may be due to years of general wear and tear, this is completely normal and will be fixed in no time at all. If your walls and ceilings are caving in then they may need a simple touch up using fosroc renderoc

Repairing broken parts within your home will make it feel much more homely and less like a building site. It is much better to take care of repairs as and when they happen rather than letting them build up over time. 


Adding furniture to a room can make it go from feeling empty and unloved to a homely one. Next time you are out in a furniture store think about what you can add to your room to make it less empty. Even if you only have a sofa and a television, there are ways to lay this out so it looks welcoming. Add in some cushions and throws for a complete revamp into a cosy, warm atmosphere. 


Think about the lighting that you use throughout your home. This can appear harsh at times especially if you aren’t used to it. There are many different lightbulb intensities that you can buy, these go from cool to warm and even have a mid-range. Different types of lighting can give your home different feels as well. For example, a ceiling light will reflect light around the room making it brighter. A table lamp will create a warmer atmosphere, better for reading or chilling after a long day. 


Finally, if you are interested in creating an amazing interior that your friends will be both jealous and proud of then think about using the creative influences of an interior designer. They can take one look at your home and instantly know what it needs. They usually have deals with local shops and outlets as well so they can decorate your interior for less than you would have. Remember, they will charge a fee so it may be more in the long run.


 *Contributed by Sam Jones. *Photo source Pexels CCO License 


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