Designing A Perfect Contemporary Living Room*

*This is a collaborative post*

Your home is a reflection of your personality. The living room is the first place you or a guest enters when they come over; hence, it is important that the room is designed with a contemporary flavour. Modern style is all about keeping it simple, minimalistic yet classy. The entire idea that modern designs are dull and lack energy is wrong.  It is important to do a proper research and have a vision and a plan. One can even take professional help if you are aiming to step up your home decor!
Amazing lighting
Lighting is an integral aspect of a room’s look. Many people mistake lighting to be the last concern when designing the interiors of the living room, where you should design the room after you have made arrangements for the lighting. The room should have an equal amount of natural and artificial light sources. At least one windowed wall is necessary to let in sunlight and fresh air. Contemporary lighting consists of three types of lighting:
       Ambient or general lighting brightens up the entire room and the source is usually fixed on the walls or flooring to enable free movements such as fluorescent lights or recessed lighting.
       Accent lighting puts focus on a particular object or area of the room such as picture lights, track lighting and dimmer.
       Task lights are used to do a particular function like desk lamps.
Amazing contemporary lighting brighten up the room and help you appreciate the decor even more!
Walls Colours Matters
The colour of the living room walls affects your thoughts and mood even without you knowing it. Choose a neutral colour to paint your walls to do the modern minimalist look. Light colours make the room seem bigger and spacious. You can choose tones such as white, beige, cream, slate or grey. You should paint one or two walls of the room to apply a darker shade of the same colour or decorate the room with dark/bold shaded curtains, vases and showpiece. Make space say your personality and choose a neutral shade that resonates the best with you.
Your windows are the link between the outside surroundings and yourself. If bulky curtains are overpowering your minimalist look, there are plenty of modern window styling alternatives to help keep up privacy and create a modern non-fussy look. Frosted glass, Decorative adhesive film and stained glass protect the interiors from dust and sun exposure but come in vibrant colour shades and glow in the dark versions as well! Foldable automatic blinds and shutters protect from dust mites and other allergens along with filtering UV light. You can choose them in designs and patterns that complement the overall look of your living room.
Decor pieces
Lampshades, vases, decorative pieces and wall art add character to the living room. The decor pieces can be quirky and bold or simple yet advanced. Invest in a good sofa right to the size of the room. If you couch is in a neutral tone, go bold with the cushions and pillows. You can add in a floor rug in the seating area if you are up for regular maintenance practices. You can add souvenirs that you picked up on your trips to create nostalgia.
Everything in your living room must serve a purpose, be it aesthetic appeal or functionality. Do not clutter or overcrowd the space especially if the living room is small. The positioning and placing of the interior decorative pieces must be practical. Your living space must be the true expression of yourself!

*Header image via Pexels

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