Bring Back Your Best Smile with Veneer Dental Treatments

It makes sense that we call the thin coverings which disguise unsightly teeth in dentistry veneers because they are making something look better than it is. It is the same with furniture when a dining table with a veneer can be made to look like a solid table and something of quality. It seems that dentists and furniture manufacturers are both masters of disguise.

When a mouth has just aged too much to look good, or there has been just too many cases of damage to teeth, it makes sense to have a full set of veneers fitted. Then the whole mouth can look brand new again. There will be so many compliments made once the treatment is completed, you will have run out of “thank yous” and just have to say “thanks”.

For some more information on veneers, stay with this article.


The Pros of Veneers

Many people who look to improve the appearance of their teeth will opt for veneers because they are a minimally invasive treatment.

Veneers are known to eliminate the sensitivity of teeth. This is because they function as a shield that will protect teeth from the stimulating factors that will cause sensitivity. This sensitivity can be a reason why people will have veneers, apart from improving appearance.

Teeth are strengthened by veneers when they have worn or broken enamel. It can be considered something of a repair as well as a cosmetic solution.

Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant. Therefore, many will opt for veneers in the first place.

Dental composite is easier and faster to place than other materials used for dental veneers. This is because it requires less enamel alteration.


The Process of fitting

To fit veneers, a dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from the front of the tooth. This is so that the veneer will fit well. You want it to fit smoothly over the tooth so that a natural appearance is possible. If necessary, dental anaesthetics will be used so that a patient is comfortable.


What Veneers Will Fix

Veneers will cover up chipped, stained, cracked, or worn teeth. Also, ones that are oddly shaped or misaligned. Where people have gaps between their teeth, this can be rectified visually by veneers too.


Variations of Veneers

Two types of veneers exist. The ones that require prep and the others that do not. Traditional veneers require more removal of enamel before fitting because they are thicker. The no-prep alternative is, instead, ultra-thin and will therefore require minimal preparation to fit. It is worth discussing the differences with your dentist over the pros and cons, but the thin ones would seem preferable.

Veneers also come in varied materials, from composite to porcelain. The porcelain option is the deluxe veneer. It will look more natural and last longer. It can depend on an individual’s budget which one is chosen. It is cost-effective and convenient to have it last longer. It would make a nice present for a loved one.


Apart from bringing back your smile, veneers will have the advantage of improving your teeth in lots of ways. They can also strengthen them and protect them from sensitivity. The number one reason, though, why people have veneers fitted is to improve the appearance of their teeth and restore the smile that they used to have. It is what endears people to us.

A nice smile is so important when it comes to photographs taken on family occasions. They will be viewed for many years to come and by many relatives and friends, so you will want to look your best in them. A dentist can help you to achieve that. Everything starts with a smile and then the rest will be up to you in terms of choice of attire. Many would-be brides will arrange to have their teeth veneered before the wedding ceremony will take place. Those struggling with dating success will often have veneers fitted for the difference they can make. 

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