The Types of Packaging on Offer to Wholesale Suppliers


Packaging is an important part of protecting items in transit as much as it helps present them better to the final consumer. Therefore a packaging wholesaler is such an important person in the chain of distribution when it comes to products of all kinds. There will be internal packaging within item boxes and then between those boxes that are shipped inside a large crate. It can depend on the means of transport, but generally, the better we can protect an item the less we have to worry about it in the hands of another.


Cheapest Forms of Packaging

All packaging will come at a cost for businesses because of the volume of packages that they deal with. Whereas, in a home situation, there will be types of packaging that can cost nothing. For instance, we can reuse the packing that has been sent to us with something else. We can use crumpled or shredded paper when we have finished reading the newspaper or magazine we always buy. This cost-effectively provides a dual purpose for the item purchased.

In business, we will want to save on costs but still have the most appropriate packaging used that is most protective. It is not worth the loss or inconvenience when it comes to getting this wrong. Wholesale packaging has been designed with protection in mind and specific protection for that object.

Foil Sealed Bags for foodstuffs and Clothes

Foil sealed bags will be used for food products such as tea, coffee, nuts and cereals, cheese, cured meats, and smoked fish. These types of bags serve the purpose of protecting foods from bacteria entering and so avoid contamination of foods and extend shelf-life. This in turn reduces wastage and keeps it to a minimum.

Another use for these foil sealed bags is for protecting clothing or bedding. A process will happen whereby oxygen is removed from the bag. This will have the effect of keeping the fabric secure and tight to prevent fungi or bacteria from growing. Items other than food can be quickly spoiled.

Rigid Boxes

When transporting valuable items from A to B it is important that rigid packaging is used to protect many items. Luxury products will make use of packaging such as this. For instance, iPhones or luxury watches. The look of the packaging and its sturdiness can add luxury to a product and so make it more valuable. These packaging costs are then ultimately recouped from consumers on that basis. The box, in many instances, can become part of the item’s appeal and so retained. This can be about an object’s investment potential as well as being an eco-friendly approach.

The key is to add appeal to an item whilst achieving durability, where an object's actual packaging is concerned.

When compared to a corrugated or paperboard equivalent, rigid boxes are among the most expensive forms of packaging. But then, more money is being charged for the item to compensate. Also, it is more important still that the object within is not damaged.


Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes will provide more strength for an item inside than paperboard because of how they are constructed. For not too much more extra cost, relative to extra strength, we can have that extra peace of mind and cost-effective material to use as our packaging.

The U.S. would see the first corrugated boxes being produced in 1894. They were the brainchild of Henry Norris and Robert Thompson. It was only a year later that they were being sold to Wells Fargo for their shipping needs. The boxes were seen as being lighter, easier to store, and cheaper than their cardboard equivalents. Items already add weight, so it is good to not put that weight up any more than necessary to retain a cost-saving approach. The savings continue to this day for companies shipping or transporting wholesale goods to retailers.


The above just represent a few of the diverse types of wholesale packaging available. They are about protection firstly, then adding luxury to a brand when related to an object. Keeping the costs down is important but not to the detriment of items not being protected. It is worth that extra cost to package wholesale goods correctly rather than end up with wastage or damaged items. We cannot rely on how gentle others will be with our packages or shipping crates, so we must protect ourselves as a business by investing in decent quality wholesale packaging at all times.


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