7 Reasons You Should Invest In A Quality Hammock*


Stress Reduction

Hammocks seem to help some people alleviate stress, whether through the gentle motion and the knock-on effects of this on the vestibular system, or the alleviation of tension through the spine and other joints. Many people have found that sleeping in a hammock, or even resting in one for a shorter period of time, can really help them to alleviate physical and mental tension to some degree. Less stress in any capacity is always a massive benefit.


A Good Night’s Sleep

Many people have claimed that by sleeping in hammocks they have been able to find a way in which they can both drift off to sleep more easily and quickly, as well as being able to remain in a deep restful sleep for longer. 


Muscle Relaxation

For people who suffer with lower back pain or for those who might have issues with the shoulders or hip joints, the reduction of pressure going through your body means you can physically relax a little more while feeling supported due to the encasing feeling of the hammock. Add to this the gentle swaying motion and it’s easy to see why they might be beneficial to some.

In fact, chiropractors often recommend people to try sleeping in a hammock due to these afore mentioned benefits.


Improve Blood Circulation

By elevating your upper body, blood circulation particularly to the head is one of the benefits of sleeping or even resting in a hammock. Improved circulation has many benefits including aiding with a reduction in congestion, improved blood pressure, it can even help with reducing toxin levels in the body which in turn can then lead to healthier and clearer skin.



Improve Focus

The swaying motion of the hammock will activate the prefrontal cortex of the brain, this helps, if reading a book for example to maintain focus. As well as helping you to feel more rested, you will then be able to maintain a higher level of productivity in your daily life. It should be noted that some people have found benefits from resting in the hammock, as part of their daily routine.


The Vestibular System

In brief the vestibular system is a sensory system which contributes to things like spatial awareness, balance and sensory integration. The gentle sensory input of the gentle swaying of the hammock is beneficial to the vestibular organs. When working well this can help a person to feel well balanced and to have a better sense of spatial awareness. You can read more about this here.



Other Potential Benefits of Hammock Sleeping

As mentioned, many people feel they get a better night’s sleep in a hammock, and around the world hammock sleeping is quite common. There is a growing school of thought which theorises that the gentle motion of a hammock may help to stimulate internal sleep rhythms, which it is argued, speeds up the process of wakefulness and allows us to enter stage 2 in the process which is light sleep, which is the stage we must be in before we then drift off into a deep sleep which is stage 3.

Although medical science and research is slim on this issue. People claim to benefit from the reduction in levels of pressure going through particular “weak spots,” the most frequently highlighted areas in which relief is felt are the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

Hammocks aren’t for everyone and to be able to get in and out of one requires some level of physical ability.

If the hammock is for sleeping, consider investing in a nylon one. If the hammock is for shorter periods of rest and relaxation, go for a one made of rope or netting.

There are many designs and styles to choose from, so whether you want a hammock for sleeping, or for chilling out in the yard, you will be able to find one which meets your personal requirements.


*Images from Pexels and The Hammock Website.

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