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Creativity is something that all children should grow accustomed to, especially when they’re young and developing their skills in multiple different ways. Going to school will guide children through the basics of becoming inquisitive and creative, but there are ways you can nurture their only creativeness at home. Here are some top tips from this private sixth form in London.

Give them the space to learn and grow

Having a regimented schedule will only restrict a child’s development as they grow. You should aim to give them free play time at home in manageable intervals to let them boost their skills and curiosity in their own ways. You’ll have a fair idea of what your child enjoys, so give them the opportunities to pick out toys they want to play with, the materials if they want to try out crafts or other equipment like a football or tennis racquet.

Offer different ways of learning

Not all learning has to take place at school. There’s plenty of ways to give your child a grasp of their own creativity through arts and crafts, trips out to the museum, activity days and more. It still gives children an understanding of how they can use their skills in different places. For example, their critical thinking skills can be easily tested at the local play park, letting them work out the best way to climb a ladder or go down a slide. Even the little things help a child’s development.

Make each day different

Read a book last night? Why not try a mind game before bed tonight? Things like that can keep your child on their toes while also giving them different ways of improving skills that rely on their cognitive functions and inquisitiveness. It also makes children look forward to something different each day. 


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