5 Unique Hobbies for Children*



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Hobbies are a great way of letting children explore their tastes and find what interests them the most, as well as teaching them that having fun is rewarding and educational at the same time. Up to adulthood, people should engage in hobbies each week - here are 5 unique ones to try from this independent school in Harrow.

1. Quilting

Something often thought of to be great with parents and kids on a quiet afternoon is quilting. It’s essentially stitching pieces of fabric together of the same shapes to make a large quilt, or blanket. With that in mind, quilting can be really rewarding, especially when you see the results almost straight away.

2. Colouring

Having a colouring book for kids is fun and engaging, as well as allowing your child to decide what colours go where. Adults can also join in with adult versions now being released - ideal for rainy days and has been known to be therapeutic.

3. Baking

Cakes are always fun with kids, especially when they know they can decorate and make the cakes their own! Cupcakes are a classic as they can be easily customised, as well as experimenting with harder recipes and different tastes.

4. Making and painting models

The board gaming industry is massive, and children can really get involved in the process by painting models and getting involved in games. Oftentimes board games are all about strategy and quick thinking, ideal for kids who are fast learners and swift decision makers.

5. Playing an instrument

With instruments you have a number of different music forms your child can follow, which makes them interested to learn about the impact music has on others, develop their interests in different genres and much more. It’s also great to see your child experiment with different instruments and see what they want to pursue further in the future. 



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