The Benefits of Journaling for Children*


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First of all, what is journaling? In short it’s the practice of keeping a diary of sorts but not one which has any rules. A journal is more of a multi-media experience in that children can stick pictures or photographs into their book or even sweet wrappers and dried flowers.


Journals are a great way for children to record and process their thoughts, plans and ideas for the future. They make wonderful memories too! Your child will enjoy looking back at their journals as they grow older.


Many schools encourage the use of artistic activities like journaling because they have so many benefits for children. This senior school in Reigate ensures there’s a good balance of academic subjects and the arts.


Journaling ideas for children


Your child will usually need quite a large book of plain leaved pages for their journaling adventures.


If you have a small budget, lined is fine too – you can actually just use whatever you have around the house. Consider the following as prompts for your child to start journaling:


·         My Favourite Things page – this can include drawings, stickers, photographs and whatever your child wants to include. They can write a lot or a little about the things they like best.

·         My Family page – this speaks for itself and your child might even like to dedicate a page to each family member including pets.

·         My Ambitions page – this is a fun one and make sure your child knows there are no rules! They can go to the moon, win an Oscar, run their own business or be an actor – whatever inspires them.

·         My Dreams page – they can document their dreams here. Their nightmares too if they like! This is a very therapeutic way for children to deal with their fears.


Make sure your child has access to plenty of coloured pens or pencils, stickers and even glitter if they like it. Journaling is a fun, creative and therapeutic hobby which they may continue into adult life. 


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