Supporting Your Child’s Cognitive Development*


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Small children learn most effectively via lots of daily interaction with adults who care for them. In addition to play based activities, receiving love and care is the most powerful way in which a child can learn.


Play helps children to develop their learning skills. Play works on a variety of skills such as memory, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and persistence.  Remember that your child is a natural learner. All children love to learn about the world in which they live so they are constantly listening and watching in their quest to become more skilled.


There are many ways in which you can support your child’s cognitive development.


·         Show them your own thinking patterns – for example, you’re playing hopscotch with your child and you say, “Hmm, these squares are too big for me to jump easily, what can we do?” This gives your child the chance to problem solve whilst engaged in play.

·         What ifs – what ifs are questions you can ask your child that will help them develop critical thinking skills. You might say, “What if an elephant walked in through the door right now?” and as outlandish as the question is, your child will seize the opportunity to use their imagination and discuss the what ifs of that situation.

·         Read books and then read some more! Reading helps children develop many skills and of course, it’s fun! Help them immerse in the story by drawing pictures of the characters and discussing what might happen next.

·         Out and about – traveling around your neighbourhood you will find many opportunities to help your child develop cognitive skills. The local parks are usually full of natural wonders for them to explore and even a trip to the shops can be a learning experience if you involve your child in some aspects of it.


Your child’s development is in your hands from the day they are born. When they attend school, they suddenly receive a lot more input and you’ll find their ability to retain information skyrockets.


This private nursery in Kensington ensures children enjoy a very varied curriculum that promotes their cognitive development along with their social skills.

Enjoy working with your child whether they’re in school or not, you’ll always be their first and best teacher. 


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