Why is Community Involvement Important for Children*

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As children begin to interact more with the world outside the family home, they become more curious and of course, their skills and knowledge increases rapidly.

By facilitating your child to become involved in community groups and events, you’re also encouraging them to become good citizens and exposing them to the positive influences which their community at large can offer.

What sort of community involvement is right for my child?

Community involvement can begin almost from birth. When we join baby groups and playgroups in our local community, we’re already introducing our children to their community. It’s in these safe spaces that children meet and interact with other children and adults in a controlled environment.

As your child gets older, you might consider enrolling them in local Scout, Girl Guides or Brownie groups, dance lessons or maybe a church group. Whatever you experienced as a child will of course colour your opinions on what sort of community groups will be beneficial for you as a family. 

If you enjoyed being part of a local football team or youth club then of course, you’ll want your own child to experience the joys such groups can bring.

But remember, each child is unique and their experiences won’t always mirror yours. Listen to your child’s feedback after they’ve tried a new group out. What did they like about it? Was there anything they didn’t like?

Older children and community

As your child approaches their teens, you may notice a reluctance for them to continue in their same old clubs or groups. Try to encourage them to stick it out but if they’re adamant they’ve outgrown it, then it’s important to find them something more suited to their current interests.

Your local library can be a source of niche clubs and groups which might be more appealing to your child.  Getting to know other young people in their area is important and offers more friendship opportunities. Whilst it’s great to make friends at school, it’s even better to make more at a club – an extended social circle is never a bad thing.

Volunteering in the community

Many groups and organisations offer volunteering opportunities for teens and these can be a great route into a future career. Learning important life skills as well as contributing to their community do amazing things for a child’s sense of self and can contribute to their maturity.

This prep school in Hertfordshire has a long history with charity work and also offers pupils the chance to work within the community. School leaders believe that children gain a deeper understanding of the world around them when they are given the opportunity to work towards a common goal centred around the betterment of society.

Whatever your child is interested in, look out for opportunities which might encompass those interests. St John’s Ambulance is a great place for teens who would like to work for the emergency services for example. Church groups often run summer clubs for children and if your teen would like to work with children when they graduate, this can be great on their CV.

The more community involvement a child has, the more secure they feel in their own skills and abilities.


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