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Getting up at 8 am every morning and then driving to work is not something everybody enjoys. Some people are fine with this routine while others find it unfulfilling and tedious. If you’re looking to quit your job and become a self-employed freelancer but don’t know what career pathway to take, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be covering the top work from home freelance jobs that are easy to master, require no degree and provide a full-time income. Ready? Let’s dive into it…




If you have a way with words, this career path is for you. The freelance world is abundant in writing jobs of all kinds, but the main ones are copywriting and proofreading. A copywriter will produce blogs and articles for clients to promote their business and products, it is essentially a mix of writing and marketing. A proofreader will read work to identify and fix potential grammar and punctuation errors, their main duty is to improve the quality of the text. 

The best part about being a freelance copywriter or proofreader is that no degree in creative writing and journalism is required. Although degrees can help, having a portfolio showcasing quality work is far more important to clients than a college degree. People earn anything from $100 to $4000+ a month in this industry. Your income will be determined by how much work you put in, how successful you are at sourcing work and of course the quality of your writing or editing. The best places for beginners to find writing work are sites like Upwork., Fiverr and 

Graphic design 


Organizations across the globe strive to create and market good content, and hiring a freelancer to produce logos and website designs is a way for them to do this. Whether your specialty is print or digital design the opportunities to find high-paying clients are endless. Again, sites like UpWork, Fiverr, and are your friends. 



With a little experience, anyone can take amazing photos that sell. Buy specialist gear if you want but all you really need is a smartphone (with an HD camera of course), a laptop and the relevant software (like Photoshop). Browse Instagram for some inspiration or look at Pixabay and Shutterstock. 






Do you have a knack for drawing, painting or sculpture? If so, your skills are going to waste if you aren’t using them to make money as a freelancer. You can set up your own business and sell paintings online or in the streets, or you can sign up for sites like PeoplePerHour. You also don't have to die to become a successful artist (think Van Gogh), although this profession can be difficult to succeed in, anything is possible with hard work and determination. The freelance art industry is not just reserved for painters and sketchers either, people make money by illustrating, drawing cartoons and even writing in calligraphy.


Online teaching


The online teaching career path is very popular because it is easy to succeed in, high-paying and extremely fulfilling. Practically anyone is knowledgeable about something, and you can use that knowledge to teach. Know a second language? Teach that. Good at reading and writing? Teach English. Know a lot about WW2? Teach History. 



Many people speak a second language and you should put this skill to use. For example, you could work with legal translation services.


To summarize,


There are many career pathways in the freelance world. The key thing to take away here is that things usually don't happen overnight and it may take a while for you to start earning a full-time income. 


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