Why is Outdoor Learning Important for Children?*

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Outdoor learning is great for a child’s development, both in terms of their academic progress and also on a more personal level. It gives them a greater understanding of nature and the world around them, while allowing them to understand that learning isn’t limited to a classroom environment. A prep school in Kent have put together the following information on the importance of outdoor learning below.

One noticeable advantage to outdoor learning is that it’s great for a child’s physical and mental health. Exercise and fresh air both promote the production of “feel good” hormones in the body, meaning outdoor exploration can potentially boost a child’s mood and fight any stress or anxiety, while also improving their general fitness.  Active children are more likely to grow into active adults, meaning they’ll lead a healthier life. 

The great outdoors exposes children to new hazards, helping them become better at assessing risks and solving problems. They will inevitably make some mistakes along the way, but that will only help them become more resilient and self-aware. 

It’s also important to mix up a child’s routine from time to time and ensure they are exposed to a range of environments, thus stimulating their sense of curiosity and imagination. Many parents nowadays are worried about the affects of two much exposure to digital devices, so encouraging them to engage in some outdoor learning activities is a great way to tackle this concern. They could plant seeds, build a bird feeder, go on scavenger hunts, learn survival skills, climb trees, go bird watching and a range of other activities. 

Outdoor learning is a sensory experience, which is fantastic for kinaesthetic learners. Their learning experience will be attached to a fond memory, so they will be better able to retain the information. What’s more, it will help them develop a sense of respect for the environment, which may encourage them to make kinder choices when it comes to things like littering or recycling.

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