The Benefits of Technology in Education*

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For many of us, our lives revolve around technology. We use computers at work and watch TV or play video games in our leisure time, not to mention the fact that most of us are glued to our phones more often than we’d like to admit. There are undoubtedly various cons to technology, and many parents are concerned with their child’s screen time, but it can also be greatly beneficial in allowing us to communicate with friends and family, access information and just have fun. 

The advancement in technology has also changed the way teachers present information to their students by bringing these popular devices into the classroom. This is great for improving engagement in lessons, as what child doesn’t love using modern tech? Teachers are able to motivate their students to concentrate in a fun, interactive way. I have teamed up with an independent school to explore the benefits of technology in education in further detail.

All children have different learning styles, meaning they absorb information differently, and they learn at different paces. Technology is a great way to cater to all students in different ways. For instance, if they are completing an online course, they can repeat information they are struggling with or skip ahead if they are finding it easy. In a normal lesson, this is not possible, and all students have to progress at the same pace, regardless of their abilities.

Using technology at school is also a great way for students to prepare for their future. For instance, they will learn how to write emails, design graphics, code, create presentations or input formulas in Microsoft Excel. These are all skills that are often required in different working environments. Technology in education isn’t just good for children, though. It’s also great for adults who want to gain more qualifications and embark on a part-time or distance learning course.

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