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Lockdown is finally easing a little which means at least some aspects of life are getting back to normal. Shops are slowly re-opening, we can finally meet up with family - hurrah! - and we can venture back out to the pubs. One area however that I don't see changing in the near future is the world of virtual dating. Virtual dating has become the new normal, mostly out of necessity thanks to Covid and lockdown, yet it's also now become hugely popular. According to research by a Stanford sociologist, couples are actually now more likely to meet their partner online rather than via other means such as through personal connections, and apparently (or so I read) couples who meet online actually have longer lasting relationships.  
There is certainly a vast amount of dating apps and websites to choose from these days. Whether it be Match, Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony or a dating website tailored to a specific area such as this Edinburgh Dating Site, there is a suitable dating app for everyone. 
Speaking of Edinburgh, in todays post I'm actually going to share a few dating ideas for those who are based in the Edinburgh area or even for those planning a visit. Below are a few suggestions which are ideal for when you've got to know each other a little and you're feeling ready to meet up in person.

The Hogwarts Express and Scottish Highlands Tour

First up we have the perfect day out for Harry Potter fans, 'The Hogwarts Express and Scottish Highlands Tour.' If you're a fan of trains then you'll love this, although Get Your Guide stresses that this is actually 'a coach tour with a steam train element.' Nevertheless this would be an amazing date idea and would certainly get couples talking as they ventured North to the Scottish Highlands. 
Not everyone knows this but Scotland actually featured as a backdrop in Harry Potter! On this tour you'll get to take in many beautiful sights as you pass the Forth Bridge and through Fife and Perth. You'll also visit Glencoe and the cathedral town of Dunkfeld.
City Sightseeing Edinburgh

Second on my list of dating ideas is 'City Sightseeing Edinburgh.' This is great if the two of you also love a bit of history as there's on board audio commentary to listen to whilst you check out historic sights such as Edinburgh Castle. Be sure to take advantage of the 24 hour feature which means you can get on and off the bus as much as you want whilst you visit a local pub or restaurant for a romantic lunch or do some sight seeing of your own. Don't forget if you're Edinburgh Dating, to pay a visit to the National Museum of Scotland.

Camera Obscure and World of Illusions

Camera Obscure and World of Illusions is situated at the top of the Royal Mile and has five floors and over one hundred interactive 'hands on' exhibits to enjoy. Once you've checked out all five floors, head on up to the rooftop terrace, get your camera out and enjoy the stunning views over Edinburgh city. 
If you fancy a romantic walk then whilst you're in the area, try walking the Royal Mile. It spans from the Scottish Parliament to the famous Edinburgh Castle. After all that walking you'll surely have worked up an appetite so finish by stopping off for a romantic lunch. 

If none of the above are your cup of tea then get yourself on Trip Advisor or Get Your Guide, there's plenty of ideas for the Edinburgh area. 
Happy dating! :)
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