5 Important Questions To Ask Your Child When Choosing Their Career*

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Children will always look up to their parents for career and life guidance. Making this choice independently without having a guide can lead to a lot of regrets and what-ifs. It is, therefore, prudent to involve yourself in your child’s decision. There is a thin line between imposing and supporting when it comes to choosing careers. There have been family wrangles and disputes arising from poor career handling. 

It would help if you were wise and have guiding questions that will help you guide your child into choosing a suitable career. Please do not assume that your child will figure it out on their own. Take time to counsel and give insights to help them choose wisely and succeed. Invest in their choices and offer your advice as per the given situation. 

Here are questions you can pose to your child to help in choosing a suitable career path:

Is This What You Enjoy Doing?

Passion and talent are what will lead your child to choose the right career path. Truthfully, having watched your child grow from being an infant to choosing their career, you probably are in a better place to report their likes and dislikes. You can use this information to point out different activities they would enjoy studying, like STEM or art subjects. It will also help your child affirm that it is an appropriate choice. 

Are You Aware of What the Course Entails?

Some teenagers will probably choose a career out of peer pressure or sheer admiration of the achievements of their role models without prying to know what it takes. You need to research and analyze similar paths taken to understand the course details.  Take time to help your child explore by visiting the workplace, which will provide more insight into the career details.

Are There Any Additional Certifications That You Need?

Some career paths will need extra tests and certifications for you to work within specific geographical regions. For example, every construction worker must take a CITB health and safety test at a certified cscs test centre to get validated in the UK. You need to pass these tests to practice your career. 

Where Do You Intend To Study?

There are numerous places where you can study. Your school choice will determine the amount of tuition and additional costs you will incur. It would help if you discussed with your child the available options. 

Ensure you are confident of your finances before directing your child to particular schools. Consider alternative sources of funding that will keep your child's dream alive. It is also essential to consider the safety and comfort of your child. 

What Fascinates Your Child About This Career Path?

With the answer to this question, you will have a picture of your child's views and longs to achieve at the end of it all. It will help you to know how best you can support your child. 

Career choices are a highly critical part of a teen's life. It would be best to start nurturing these thoughts as early as possible to avoid confusion and indecision when the time comes. However, with these questions, you will narrow down the choices and get what the child longs for. 


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