Why Carpet is Still the Best Flooring Option for a Bedroom

In recent years, laminate and wooden flooring have been gaining in popularity for many reasons. It’s easy to clean, it looks good, and it’s long lasting. However, you may want to weigh up your options before making the decision to replace the carpets in your bedroom. Here are some reasons why, in your bedroom at least, you should stay faithful to carpet.


Everyone loves a cosy bedroom – somewhere they can curl up at the end of a long day and drift off to sleep in comfort. Not only does carpet help to insulate a room, but it is also much more pleasant on newly woken feet first thing in the morning. Although hard wood and laminate flooring may not be too bad in the summer months, or when holidaying in a warm climate, stepping out of bed onto a cold floor can be quite a shock to the system first thing on a winter’s morning. A thicker pile or soft carpet will feel particularly luxurious and make those early mornings seem a little easier. Just remember that if you want your carpets to stand the test of time, regular vacuuming and shampooing are vital. Furthermore, if your carpets need a deep clean, there are some amazing carpet cleaning companies out there that can take care of the hard work for you. So, if your carpets could benefit from a steam clean, or even a stain removal treatment, then reaching out to a team of carpet cleaning experts such as ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba based in Chicago could be the perfect solution. Consequently, you can learn more about some of the different types of carpet cleaning services out there by looking at their website here: https://www.servicemasterbyzaba.com/carpet-cleaning-northbrook-il/


As well as insulating a room, carpet also absorbs sounds, helping to create a quieter, more sleep conducive atmosphere. Not only will sounds such as speech from the room below be reduced, but carpet also helps to reduce the sound of footsteps. Although this is not such as issue if you sleep alone, if you share a room – particularly if you have different sleep schedules - carpet will help to mask the sound of someone walking across the floor, hopefully lowering the chance of being awoken by a partner coming to bed late.


Slips are much more likely to happen on wooden floors, and being half asleep or navigating a room in semi-darkness can increase the risk further. A carpet reduces the risk of slips in the bedroom, especially in children’s rooms, where carpets also have the added bonus of providing a softer landing should a child fall out of bed, or better grip when learning to crawl or walk. To maximise safety, make sure to get carpets professionally fitted, which will reduce the risk of carpets rucking or slipping. When looking for carpet fitters Surrey and London have a lot to offer both in range and price.

Not only do carpets reduce the risk of slipping but they are also proven to reduce allergens in the air. The fibres of a carpet trap allergens, whereas on hard wood, they are free to float back into the air. Vacuuming a carpet disposes of the trapped allergens, which is more efficient than sweeping a wooden floor, as this can cause allergens to be released back into the room. Reducing the allergens in a bedroom is important to maintain air quality, which aids a good night’s sleep – especially for people with allergies or asthma.

Carpets are relatively easy and inexpensive to fit, and also come in a wide variety of styles, colours and patterns, so it is easy to find the perfect match for any bedroom.

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