How To Host A 30th Birthday Party In Style

A 30th birthday party is widely recognised as one of the biggest milestones a young person can ever face – right up there with graduating, babies and their first house.

But, how exactly do you go about celebrating the end of your Roaring Twenties?  Here’s how to truly welcome a new age of (here’s hoping) maturity, in style.


Choosing a theme for a 30th birthday party is one of the biggest challenges for a host or hostess. However, it’s also a fun process – a good theme all depends on your taste and personality. 

Party themes often used to be extravagant and grand – think masquerade or Renaissance-esque affairs. Nowadays, many of us prefer something more topical. Perhaps you could hold a Brexit-themed birthday party? What about replicating the Met Gala in your back garden, or pretending you’d fit right in on Peaky Blinders?

We’ve compiled some interesting themes for you to consider below:

  • The Great Gatsby

  • Trip Down Memory Lane

  • 80s or 90s Throwback

  • Back to The Future 

To complement your theme, consider buying some fancy party supplies or dresses to truly do your birthday bash justice. Check out crazy costumes from a reputable online store such as GO International – that way, you’ll know your costume will look great and be well-made when it arrives! 


When it comes to choosing the perfect décor for your party, you need to consider the potential of your surroundings. 

By truly looking at your intended party setting, the rest may fall into place. Always remember to add a personal twist – go with your gut instinct, and always make sure you keep your decorations free-flowing and consistent. 

Start with the basics: balloons, confetti, bunting and centrepieces. If you want to stay away from especially tacky decorations, start with small items and work your way up. 

The rule is: less is generally more. However, if your venue is glamorous and your party glitzy – why not go for more? Being a little dramatic might add the unforgettable flair your 30th birthday party needs.

Dress code

When it comes to hosting a party, the hostess should stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to wear a crown, or keep it simple in a set of sparkles – you’ve got to be the ‘hostess with the mostest’.  

Once you’ve set the dress code for your guests – whether they’ll be dressed up to the nines or relaxing in jeans – you’ll know what they’ll be wearing, so you can come in something that really ‘wows’ your partygoers. Whatever you do, don’t make your guests wear something that you wouldn’t.


Finally... we come to the music. Music can make or break a good party. Whether it’s the entire soundtrack of the musical Cats, or the Killers’ “Mr Brightside” – there’s always one song that will have you dancing till the sunrise. 

To avoid dancing to music that makes you feel excessively blue, choose early on whether you’re going to book a DJ or make your own Spotify playlist with all of your favourite tunes.  

If you’re feeling a little unsure, then chart hits usually work, but the DJ should be good enough to read the crowd and change up the ‘vibe’ accordingly.

Taking all of this advice into account, you should have a 30th birthday bash to remember for the ages!

*Photo source Pexels

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