Key Points to Consider When Hiring a Private Jet

To hire a private jet, you will simply need to know your arrival and destination location, the date and time that you wish to fly, and how many passengers that you wish to book the jet for. With this information to hand you can then obtain a quotation from companies such as Jettly. They will then, from these details, check for the availability of a jet that will suit your group in terms of its size. That is, how many passengers it will accommodate, and the size of the fuel tank required to manage your trip without it needing to refuel, assuming it is a short to medium-length flight. Longer flights will inevitably require a fuel stop. It would not be cost-effective to book a jet significantly larger than needed for its passengers simply to avoid the need for re-fuelling.

Arrival and Destination Locations

The benefits of booking private jets is that they can fly to more destinations than commercial airliners. Anywhere with an airstrip and permission to land. Private jets have the option of landing at both large and small commercial airports, and at private airports. This extends the choice of location available to the person hiring the private jet. Private travellers will generally prefer the smaller private airports in which to land because these offer time and cost saving benefits.

Date and Time

With booking private jets comes a flexibility on times that does not exist when booking with commercial airlines. Instead of having to fit in with rigid flight schedules, it is possible to choose more precise times that make it possible to fly and return in the same day to short and medium-range locations. This is invaluable for business, where time is money. Everything is chargeable by the hour and the amount of time an employee spends on travel is an important factor when considering a business’s profitability. An added benefit, too, is that private jets are, excluding the weather, on time, whereas a regular commercial flight can be delayed taking off for a variety of reasons.

Number of Passengers

The good thing about private jet hire can be that you pay for the jet not per person. This is rather like booking a taxi and paying the same where or not all the seats are filled. This makes private jet hire a good option for booking groups. It should be noted, however, that should your group of passengers be only one more than the aircraft will accommodate, it will result in the next size up jet being required. So, you may want to think carefully how valuable that one extra person you are booking is. The private jet charter company will be able to advise you on the price differences between the different options.
Private jets are a way that, if you are in business, you can maintain confidentiality while flying. You do not have to worry about other passengers, who do not know you, looking over your shoulder at what you are reading. Having booked the jet, you will know in advance who those passengers are going to be and what type of work you can do in their company.

With the above points taken account of and the booking made, it just remains to decide what you need to pack for your trip. A trip that you will enjoy more than the prospect of waiting at airports for an unpredictable amount of time and hoping that your luggage follows you.

For some further thoughts on private jets and recent events, you might like to click on the link to read the article. It is a demonstration of private jets coming into their own in a crisis, and the many uses that they can have for all occasions, from business situations to leisure activities, and in allowing daily life to continue in as efficient and normal a way as possible.

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