Dating In The Midst Of A Pandemic*

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The Coronavirus pandemic has mean't there's been so many changes to various aspects of life, one being dating. Never again will we take for granted things such as going out for a meal, being able to meet up with someone you've been chatting to online, or even simply queuing for drinks in a pub. Traditional dating, as we once knew it, has been put on hold. 

The Rise In Online Dating 

With restrictions being put in place left, right and centre across the UK, there's been a definite rise in people opting for online or virtual dating. So much so that I dare say it's fast becoming the new norm, and it's not difficult to see why it's become the 'go-to' choice. Many singles who became lonely during the initial lockdown took to the internet to find companionship and/or love. Whether it was signing up to dating apps or holding virtual dates on platforms such as Facetime or Zoom, the internet was a definite Godsend in difficult times. In fact I predict that we'll continue to see the popularity of virtual dating grow long into 2021, even when life gets back to some sort of 'normal.' 

A Turnaround For The Industry

I recently read on CNBC that before the pandemic there had been a decrease in the use of online dating and that 'online dating fatigue was taking hold.' Now it would seem that the dating industry is booming once again. Forbes says that 'Coronavirus is changing online dating permanently,' and in the same article according to a  2019 Stanford study, it says 'couples are more likely to form a relationship through online dating than any other avenue.'

Dating sites such as Match and eHarmony have always been popular and have undoubtedly become household names, but other dating apps have since grown in popularity too. Local dating apps and sites for mature daters such as dating agency Staffordshire have seen a rise in users. 

Why Choose Online Dating? 

There are many perks to online dating, one being that most sites like Staffordshire dating site are relatively easy to use. - You don't need to be that computer savvy to navigate your way around most of them. 
Secondly you can do it from the comfort of your own home which is always good for busy singles or those that are especially nervous. (I always hated the nerves that accompanied traditional dating!) You can make use of video calling platforms and really get creative with your date ideas.
Thirdly, many dating apps are also free and with so much choice and innumerable people signing up, it would seem that more people than ever before are now finding their ideal match online. There are literally dating apps to cater every need! 
Finally, communication, - as many of us know, is one of the key factors in a successful and healthy relationship. With the coronavirus putting a halt somewhat to traditional dating, people are getting the chance to really get to know each other through the art of conversation. That can only be a positive aspect, can't it?

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