How to make sure you are party-ready for the festive season

Christmas is usually the season of mulled wine, carols around the Christmas tree, and fun with friends and family whilst ringing in the new year. Due to the ongoing 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the festivities might look slightly different this year; however, that does not mean that you shouldnt dress up and make an effort, throwing on the same leggings and sweatshirt you have worn for the past three days. Here is how to make sure you are party-ready for the festive season.

Have a pamper session

The seemingly endless weeks spent in lockdown might have caused you to abandon your usual beauty regime youre not going out and no one will see you so why bother, right? However, abandoning an established routine may have left you feeling less than your best and could even have affected your confidence. Take an evening to relax and have a pamper session. This could involve a long, hot soak in the bath whilst wearing a facemask (of the pampering variety!) followed by an at-home manicure and pedicure. After weeks of slobbing out at home in lockdown, an evenings pamper session is sure to boost your spirits and get you back to feeling like your ordinary self.

Choose a fun party outfit

Christmas is the ideal time of the year to bring out all the glitz and glam. Choose a glamourous party outfit made with decadent fabrics such as sequins, velvet and faux fur. Look for dramatic silhouettes such as a floor scraping maxi dress or jumpsuit to really make an entrance, or pair one show stopping piece with more casual items for an elegant, pared back look. Dont forget your accessories has a selection of glamourous handmade party shoes, complete with matching handbags. You could even add a feather boa or stunning pair of chandelier earrings to really finish off a look everyone will remember.

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