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Reading is an important skill that we often take for granted. The ability to read contributes to a successful life and can also be a great leisure activity. Most of us don’t give a moment’s thought to the process involved when learning to read; it’s only when you have to start helping your own child with their reading ability that you start to realise how complicated it is. It’s not something a child just naturally knows how to do as they get older; they will have to be taught by someone with an understanding of phonics and other skills and strategies. A private school in London explore further below.

Of course, once your child starts school, or even nursery, their teachers will play a huge role in teaching them how to read. However, it’s also important that parents work on this skill at home to ensure their child doesn’t fall behind. This requires patience and you should start off simple. Begin by doing some research into what skills are involved in teaching someone to read. Not everyone is instinctively a good teacher; you have to know what you’re doing if you want to do it right.

Help your child with their phonemic awareness by singing some nursery rhymes and other songs, encouraging your child to clap to the beat. Phonemic awareness is basically the ability to concentrate on and cope with the different sounds within a word. You could create or buy some flash cards with easy, 3-letter nouns, like dog, cat, hat etc. Encourage your child to sound the words out one letter at a time: duh-oh-guh. Eventually, your child will become familiar with each word and then you can start to move onto more challenging ones. Be sure not to rush your child though; everyone learns at a unique pace. 

Don’t be afraid to use technology to your advantage and seek out some learning tools online. There are lots of great lessons on YouTube that can help your child learn how to read in an engaging way. The trick is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and do it little and often, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Read to your child before bed and let them follow the words as you go. Essentially just try and mix-up your strategies to keep the experience fresh. 


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