How To Be Less Wasteful At Work*

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The economy is currently under a lot of strain due to the global pandemic and lots of people are finding themselves in employment. It’s a difficult time for everyone and it has become incredibly important for staff to find ways to support their employer, to boost profits and ensure their job remains safe. One way to help your employer save money is to be less wasteful at work.

Lots of us are guilty of leaving our desktop computers on over night and just switching off the monitor. While this saves time in the morning, it’s bad for the environment and also ramps up the electricity bills unnecessarily. The same applies with other technological devices, like the printer, so be sure to switch these off at the end of each day.

Speaking of printers, it might be worth suggesting to your supervisor that you invest in a managed print company to help reduce paper and ink waste. This will be highly beneficial if you work for a big company and have lots of people using the printer. Other ways to reduce print waste are to make the font size smaller so it requires less paper or consider going digital.

Usually, being less wasteful often goes hand in hand with being kinder to the environment. With that said, think about ways in which you can be a little eco-friendlier. For instance, if there’s a water machine, you could bring in your own reusable cup from home, rather than using the plastic ones. If you’re a keen user of post-it notes, it might be time to move to digital reminders or even bits of scrap paper. 

Speak to your employer about your efforts to be less wasteful at work, as they will probably appreciate it and may even encourage the rest of the staff to follow suit. After all, if a company can prove they are ‘eco-friendly’, potential customer will find their products and services more attractive, which may boost overall profits. 


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