What Fees to Expect When Your Child Starts School*

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In the UK, parents can choose which school they send their children to, depending on their priorities as a family, including location, previous examination results and available facilities. Some schools are funded by the government and free for students to attend, whilst others are independently operated and charge a termly fee to parents. Regardless of whether you choose to send your child to a government funded school or an independent school, there will always be various other costs to factor into your budgeting when your child begins their education.

One of the most costly elements of school is the uniform that is usually required for each pupil, including a PE kit. This tends to be one lump sum at the beginning of each academic year, but school uniform shop is often have helpful payment schemes that help spread the cost over several months, so bear this in mind when you’re shopping. As a parent, you know how quickly your child grows, so it might be worth investing in a uniform that is a little too large so that it will still fit in a year or so. This should save you a few pennies in the future. It’s also crucial that you sew name-tags into larger garments so that if they are misplaced, there is more chance of your child getting them back.

Of course, you will also have to provide your child with other necessary supplies, including a schoolbag and all of the relevant stationery. Keep your eyes peeled for “back to school” deals in stores as this will help reduce the cost for you. Other fees include things like school trips, extracurricular activities, such as music lessons, and lunches. In government funded schools, all children receive a free school dinner until the end of Year 2, after which time you will have to start providing them with lunch money or a pack up. If your family receives certain government benefits, your child may be eligible for free school dinners after Year 2, so be sure to check for this on your local authority’s website. 
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