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All children develop at a rate they are personally comfortable with, so there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to determining whether your child is ready for nursery. Some children will be ready when they’re just a few months old, whereas others will struggle with the transition at that age and might need to be two or three. You will have to rely on your own judgement of your child’s readiness and answer the question yourself. However, you might benefit from the following advice, provided by a nursery and prep school in Surrey.

First of all, consider how well your child copes when they are away from you for several hours at a time. Do they cling to you and scream when you try to hand them over to a babysitter or a grandparent? If so, it’s probably worth getting them used to short bursts of separation before sending them off to nursery, as it will be a shock to the system. You should also consider whether or not your child will be able to handle the busy schedule of a nursery. For instance, do you think they will be comfortable with various different activities before lunch or do they still tend to have a morning nap?

How does your child interact with other children? This is something they will learn how to do once they start nursery, but it’s important that they are ready on some level. Toddler groups and other similar activities are great opportunities to familiarise your little one with structure and social interaction, and you will be able to observe how well they get on.

Most nurseries won’t accept babies under three months, but regardless of the age of your child when you do finally decide to send them to nursery, you will need to be 100% satisfied with your choice. Be thorough when doing your research into different nurseries and be sure to visit each of your options before you come to a final decision. Remember: don’t do something just because it works for other parents, do what’s right for your family.
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