How to Decorate With Antiques

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There are few things as exciting as stamping your personality all over your home. You get the chance to balance the things that you love, the colours that you love, in the space that you can call home. Decorating the interior of your house is one of the few pleasures in life, and if you’re fortunate enough to be able to budget enough to decorate every room, you’re going to love being able to unleash your creativity. Whether you love a vintage look or you love a modern family home, you can really make the place pop when you let loose and go with what makes your soul sing.

Let’s say you love a vintage look for a home, you get to do a tone of research before you get started. Not only will you be flitting in and out of thrift stores looking for antique gems to decorate with, you can get some advice and improve your antique trading knowledge at the same time. Balancing the older items with new and modern things isn't always easy but when it’s done right, it can have a spectacular effect! So, let’s check out some of the best tips for decorating with antiques that you didn't know you needed.

  • Watch The Colours. It’s so lovely to be able to decorate your home in the colours that work for you and reflect your personality, but you need to watch your colour choices if you’re decorating with antiques. Commissioning bespoke pieces for different rooms in the house will be a beautiful addition to the home, but you need to think about the colours of the wood compared to the rest of the decor. Look for those that compliment each other so that the furniture you bring in doesn't look out of place.

  • Mix Wood Effects. Some people won’t mix darker wood colours with the light wood, but you should. Brown furniture isn’t too expensive for the most part and it’s usually very intricately made. You can get these pieces on a budget, sand them and restore them for a glossy white result, and still have a fantastic piece of furniture in the home.

  • Different Strokes. Furniture doesn't have to be like an IKEA showroom, especially if you are going to go for a vintage antique furniture line. You can mismatch the furniture and find that it all still fits in together. Just look at the table and chairs in Friends - they mismatched and looked fantastic!

  • Balance Designs Carefully. You want to make sure that your time periods are on point when you are antique shopping. If you have a Victorian bureau in the lounge, then keep to the Victorian theme where you can throughout. You can then offer balance and flow throughout the room and the rest of the house will fall in line.

  • Textures Count. You can add textures when you are decorating with antiques, but make sure that the surfaces remain smooth. You can have rustic antiques and watch how they compliment the smooth flooring - it really is beautiful! 


    *Image Source: Pexels


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