Could You Be Eligible For A Scholarship?

This whole Covid-19 ordeal has put the brakes on the world, and with the worst economic recession in nearly a century, it seems no one shall remain unaffected by its impact. Now for many people including myself, attending college was not as straightforward as just getting some specific grades and then ‘shipping out’. For me and for thousands of others like me, stumping up the cash for getting through university can be a very challenging process. 

I was fortunate to receive a government loan and a grant, without it I would have struggled to get the degree I had always aspired to. Having first attended an ordinary secondary school with no scholarship programmes in place, I was not familiar enough with them to know that they might be worth enquiring about. In my mind, a scholarship was something for the brightest of the bright, like the King’s Scholars at the world renowned and supremely prestigious Eton College in London. These ‘King’s Scholars’ have at least 50% and up to 100% of their fees provided for, it is open to a very select few.

Knowing from an early age that I was never going to be one of those uber bright sparks and lacking a photographic memory, I knew my hard drive was limited, and therefore I didn't really look into the possibility of scholarships. I thought they were for people unlike me. But these days there are so many scholarship prgrammes around the globe that it has become an opportunity for countless students.

It is important to know that regardless of your level of education currently, there is probably a scholarship available out there which could  help you achieve your educational ambitions. 

For any Brits who might be considering studying in the US here is further information on some of the processes involved and how to apply for scholarships as a prospective international student.
The aim of a scholarship is to encourage the pursuit of higher education. It seeks to reward an outstanding student and to enable them to afford some of the costs associated with such further study. Receiving a scholarship could make the difference for you. There’s nothing to lose by applying afterall.

Financial assistance is a necessity for most college students, especially for those who are planning for a career which requires many years of education beyond the undergraduate level. Notably, as with grants, scholarships do not have to be paid back. But unlike grants, which tend to be ‘needs based’, scholarships often seek to reward meritorious achievement or a good academic record despite gruelling obstacles such as serious illness, caring for a family member and being from a low income background.

For those of you who are really struggling and for those who think they cannot go to college due to the costs involved. Look around, do some research, Look for scholarships, grants and programmes. There is a lot of help available out there.

Also for those from low income households, look into any government assistance too to see if you are eligible for an educational grant. For many students like me the stresses of college costs was and is an omnipresent reality, struggling to pay bills even though working two different jobs alongside studying. Scholarships enable thousands of people all over the world to further themselves in the pursuit of their dreams every year, you could be one of them.
Thanks for reading and good luck. 

*Post written by Michael David. 

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