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‘Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans’. John Lennon.

The Covid 19 pandemic has laid waste to the majority of best intentioned plans for all of us. However it will be an added blow to so many people who have had to cancel and, if lucky, rearrange their wedding days. Lots of couples have had to scrap their ‘big day’ altogether. After all of the effort and tears, love and care which has gone into organising the event of their dreams many couples have had to scrap their ‘Big Day’ plans altogether. 

For some of you out there, now will be a convenient time to actually get your wedding planning under way in earnest. Not in terms of bookings and things of course, but in terms of laying out plans for what you would like to occur once the pandemic is over. Remember the old adage, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’; never is it more apparent than in the organizational efforts which go into making your wedding run as smoothly as silk.

Choosing A Venue For Your Wedding

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One of the biggest decisions to be made is regarding the venue. But there are certain steps to be considered prior to selecting one from the many wedding venues available.

1. Choose the general location for your wedding. 

2. Figure out your budget. Be financially savvy and don’t lumber yourself with insurmountable debt for the next 10 year.
3. Work out your guest list numbers approximately. 
4. Think about your priorities, i.e. what would you like to experience, whether time of year, themes, traditional or quirky etc.
5. Narrow down some dates.
6. Now begin your venue search online!

What Kind Of Venue Should I Pick?

Whether you have always dreamed of a winter wedding held in a castle, or of tying the knot on a beach somewhere, no one knows what you want your wedding day to look like as accurately as you. So make sure the decision you make is one you are sincerely happy with.

By taking some of the aforementioned steps you will surely narrow down some of the options for you. And with reference to your budget, make sure you keep within your limits, do not stretch yourself too thinly for the sake of one hall over another. Being severely in debt and stressed financially is not conducive to a healthy happy marriage.

Some of the most popular options are hotels and country houses as they can cater to a greater number of people but there are less traditional options available for those who might like something a little quirkier. You can go for an outside Marquee wedding, or opt for an Urban wedding in the hubbub of the city, rather than being married in the tranquility of the countryside. Make sure you browse the web extensively and listen to the recommendations of others.

A wedding is one of the most important days in your life, so people will tend to be honest about the success of their day. This can also add to your peace of mind which is crucial when dealing with the stresses and time constraints of organising your wedding day.

Photo source Pexels

Contacting Venues.

Once you have selected a shortlist of potential venues you will be pleased to know that making contact with the venues is both welcome and simple. Most venues these days will have an email address although it can also be wise to call them in order to ask them a few basic questions, from there you can request brochures and gather information in order to make a fully informed decision on who will host your day. 

*Contributed by Michael David. *Header photo source Pexels.

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