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The issue of how far someone is prepared to go in order to make themselves look ‘beautiful’ as defined by their own cultural perceptions, has become a worldwide multi billion dollar a year industry. In fact some projections suggest the market could reach a value of more than $20 billion by the year 2023

For some people, the option of plastic surgery is not an option at all. Whether it’s because of the principle, the risk involved, or even because the thought of being surgically intervened with attacks their sense of squeamishness. However, for many people, in fact an ever increasing number each year, are opting for surgery. 

The ‘Nose Job’ or more formally the Rhinoplasty

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The nose is the strongest feature of the face so even a slight alteration can completely affect the overall appearance of the face. It is one of the most common procedures as there are just so many people, male and female who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose. 

Other common procedures include shaping eyebrows, reducing lines in the face or “hollow” points such as sunken cheeks. 

We have all heard of the fabled nose job, the face lift, botox, and breast augmentation, and even butt implants, which forgive me for saying, are RIDICULOUS! Do a regular routine of squats people.

The reasons why people consider plastic surgery are as numerous as the reasons for those who do not. Everything from crippling self consciousness to just wanting to look a little “fresher” as it is defined by them. Each individual has their own reason for undertaking such a procedure. 

Seldom is it a decision which is made lightly or spontaneously, and it shouldn’t be. A person might feel like the wrinkles on their face doesn’t reflect their youthfulness, or they might feel like they have prematurely aged. 

What To Do If Seriously Thinking About It

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The obvious advice is the same for any life decision, speak to your loved ones about it, make sure it’s something you have your heart set on and go in fully aware of any of the risks involved. 

Look online and read blogs and testaments from people who have had the procedures, people who were once where you are now. The next step is to consider the costs involved. Good plastic surgeons are not inexpensive. So you should do some research in order to make sure you can enter into the financial side of things.

It would be fairly ironic to get a face lift and come out of the practice, looking five years younger, only to age twenty years in the next five because you are so stressed from the financial burdens. 

The next step is to go and speak to a good plastic surgeon with a solid reputation. We live in the age of google, use it to your advantage, do your research. As with any profession, there are some people who are better than others.  Fortunately the science of plastic surgery has come a long way and there are people operating in both the UK and the US who are at the very top of their field.

You can ask them to see examples of their prior work, and make sure you are wholesomely comfortable going ahead. You want to see the best plastic surgeon you can, those at the top of their game are almost considered to be artists by their peers . 

If you have any reservations, niggling doubts, or queries regarding the procedures available, now would be the perfect opportunity to enquire face to face. 

It should be noted that non-surgical procedures are available too. It is possible that while you and I might both go in for a rhinoplasty, you might be recommended for a non surgical procedure whilst I might have to undergo the surgery. Yet the effects for both will be just as impressive. 

Unlike an artist’s canvas, the surgeon’s canvas changes every time, and a good surgeon will treat you on an individualistic basis taking into account all of the nuances and features which are unique to you. 

*Contributed by Michael David. *Header photo source Pexels.

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