Contacts Every Responsible Young Woman Should Have in Her Phone*

Sometimes adulting is no fun. That’s just the truth of it. You don’t want to have to focus on the mundane, sometimes stressful aspects of living on your own in the world, but you can’t ride on your parents’ coattails forever. Easing into all those adult responsibilities - bills, taxes, routine dental cleanings - can be a stressful and sometimes boring experience, but it’s necessary for all of us.

If you’re fresh out of college, or just moving into the first flat you’ve had alone, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks that now fall squarely into your lap. You’ll get through it, though - we all learn how to muddle through, and you’ll be no exception. First things first: put these numbers into your phone. 

A PCP or Healthcare Provider
For a variety of reasons, young people aren’t seeing doctors as often. That’s not a good thing. Every person, young and old, should have a primary care provider or GP that they can call in case of sickness or injury, a point of contact or generalized doctor who you can call about, well, anything. If you’re lucky enough to have health insurance you may already have one of these. If not, best to look for a great doctor in your area to see for a wide variety of needs. Nobody wants to be caught out in times of healthcare crisis without a doctor to assist them. 

An Accountant
Yes, it’s true. Every working adult needs an accountant (or the ability to do your own taxes, but why on earth would you if you don’t have to? Pay a professional!). You don’t want to find yourself panicking at tax-time, wondering how on earth you’re going to sort out all the income paperwork. 

Whether you choose an accounting firm or large company like H&R Block or choose to hire a smaller person/team, having an accountant on your side to tackle those complicated tax forms is a must. You can read more to find out which accounting firm might be right for you. 

A Lawyer
This doesn’t mean you have to have a law firm on retainer (who can afford that?) but it’s always a good rule of thumb to know at least one lawyer who you could call in a time of crisis, whether you’ve been in a car accident, were injured at work, have a dispute with a landlord, or whatever crisis comes your way. 

A Stylist
Now, obviously having a hair stylist isn’t of the same importance as the aforementioned people, but it’s still a good rule of thumb to have one in your arsenal. Going to a different stylist every time isn't advisable. Rates change, they don’t know your style, and you might find yourself dissatisfied with the result. Having a stylist who knows you, knows your preferences and the look you prefer, whose rates are always the same, will help you save time and money. 

These are just four contacts that every responsible young person should have in their phone; available to reach out to on short notice. There’s no reason in this age of constant technology, with accessible numbers at our fingertips, to be caught out with no idea who to call in a time of need.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Header photo Photo Credit: Daniel Xavier

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