What Should Your Money Be Going On In 2020


It's the New Year, and a time of year when you think about everything different that you can do with your life. Life is what you make of it, and even though we have all of the best intentions when that New Year spirit hits, we usually end up living the same life come the next New Year. So we think it's about time that we thought about the ways that we can use our money better in 2020. We know that so many of you will be able to relate to poor money use and management. When you think about all of the possibilities of what you could do with your money if you made smarter choices, you'd probably be living your dream life. Because the truth us, a large portion of the world is just so bad at spending money. Rather than spending on things that would benefit lives, and enrich them, so many people just waste it. So, we're going to show you some of the things we think you should be spending your money on in 2020 to give you a better year! 

A Flashy Purchase 

When you think about the purchases you make, it's most likely to be food, a few clothes here and there, and a new membership to something you probably didn't need to be a member to. So why not think about a flashy purchase that's actually going to benefit your life, such as a new car. Choosing to go for a brand new car rather than a second hand car comes with so many benefits. They don't have to be MOT'd in the first few years. They usually come with a great warranty package. Car sales usually put on really good car finance deals as well. They want to put on a good deal as part of a promotion for the car. It lures people in, and it's well worth it. Now is the best time to do so because there will still be New Years deals. 

A Luxurious Holiday 

Who can complain at the idea of a luxurious holiday. It's probably something that has been on your mind since you got back to your last one. But why not make this year one to truly remember. You could take a trip to the Maldives, which is sinking under the rising water levels as we speak. The Maldives and locations like the Mauritius and the Carribean are dreamy holiday destinations that we think of when we think about luxury. When you look at the prices, they're usually always all inclusive and not as expensive as you might think. Make sure you check out the best time of the year to travel for the best climate. 

App Savings 

App savings are the new best thing. They're the new way of saving money and being more productive with it. It's easy to access the data because we have our phones everywhere, making on the go money management easier. You can save specific amounts each month, and it'll give you great money tips. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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