Making Your Personal Brand Beautiful*

*This is a collaborative post*

Let's get straight to the point; the more exciting and beautiful your brand is - the more likely people are going to want to work with you. Or at least get curious enough to look you up. You need people to get excited (even if they don’t know why) when they see your logo or a short video. So, here are the ways that you can get Brand You Beautiful


You have to know what you are trying to say before you can honestly say it. The visions of your blog, you or your business is going to be the foundations that you build your success upon. 

Your vision needs to cover the following at the bare minimum. You should also apply this so that it makes sense for the business that you are building. 

  • What matters to you?
  • Opinions
  • Why you started the business
  • Passionate about what?
  • What is the motivation that drives you?
  • Experiences that support your visions
  • The value that you are bringing


This is all about you - but people at the other end need to get it too. Your fonts need to be easy to read, your graphic elements need to translate, and the photography style that you choose should be cohesive too. Your style might be one of the hardest things to nail because it changes over the years - so don’t feel locked into this decision. Instead, take some time a build a Pinterest board and put a single board together. A mood board. 


Your logo is a simple graphic that people can associate with everything else you do. It will go in every single place that your business is - from Instagram to LinkedIn. And, a personal brand needs a logo just as much as a corporation does. 


Use colours that are on your side. What does that mean? Use the psychological colour wheel to choose colours that will get people to respond the way you want them too. Colour is one of the most potent influencers, so use it to your advantage. 


Even if you run a single blog, there are going to be periods where you are looking at hiring a virtual assistant, or graphic designers, you might already have a team. It would be best if you made sure that when they are doing any work for you, the documents are all cohesive and have your branding. is a an excellent option here. 


Your story makes your blog and business different from everyone else out there. You need to share it. But you have to do it with skill and finesses. Sculpt your story into something that delivers well and entices people into reading more, buying your product, or interacting. You can weave your brand story and your personal story into one thing that makes sense across the board. 


While your story is exciting and will make people what to engage, purchase, or work with you - you need to be true to who you are and what you do. That is where authenticity will make your personal brand shine even brighter.

*Photo source by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

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