Tips To Give Your Garden A Makeover*

*This is a collaborative post*

Many of us may not pay much attention to our garden. You can either be a lover of gardening or someone who will do very little of it. However, every garden deserves a bit of love and attention, so here are some tips to give your garden a makeover;

Install Outdoor Lights
Outdoor lights are essential in your garden, especially during the colder months where the nights get darker earlier. Even on a cold night, it might be nice to wrap up in a blanket and watch the stars with a hot chocolate. Find some outdoor lighting that can help illuminate your garden, like these as an example You might want to position them in order to highlight certain areas of your outdoor space or maybe to light the way up a path that you may have in your garden, and that leads to a nice seated area to enjoy.

Refresh Your Furniture
A little refresh can certainly be needed every once in a while, and that can be the same for the furniture outside. As the furniture outdoors is open to more of the elements, you may find that some of it have rusted due to the weather or become faulty or broken. So replace any furniture where you can and opt for more durable items. Ideally, ones that aren’t made out of metal which would be prone to rust. Any outdoor seating should be weather-proof, and if the cushions aren’t, then it’s good to find somewhere to store these for the days where it might be raining.

Invest In Decking
Decking can make an outdoor space look very attractive, and it can add another level and dynamic to your outdoor space. This can be an area where you relax on some sun loungers or enjoy a BBQ with friends. Pick the right material that’s going to be durable and requires a very low amount of maintenance. Be sure to think about the spot that it’s going in too. You want somewhere that gets plenty of sunshine if you’re a sun-worshipper that is. Remember that it shouldn’t take up too much of your garden that it makes you feel cramped.

Clear Out The Dead Plants
Dead plants are likely to crop up at the end of every season, so it’s a good time to just have a clear around your garden because simply doing this makes a difference. Take an afternoon to dig up and pull out all the old plants and replace them with new ones that can flourish in the new season. Flowers and plants are the one thing that is going to make a difference in your space and will help bring out the best in your garden. You’ll also enjoy it more when it looks more attractive and colourful.

Your garden deserves a makeover, so don’t deny a spring clean on it every now and then. It means you can make the most of it too.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Header image source Pexels.

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